Budget Hair Oil? Oh Go On Then….

Hair oil, hair oil, oh how you can change my life yet also send me into a downward spiral of despising your existence. I’ve tried more hair oils than I’ve had hot dinners this year (that’s not an exaggeration either, I’m a bit poor and a bit lazy so I can barely afford dinner, never mind take time making it a hot one). I spied this ‘gum’ treatment oil in Home Bargains the other week and immediately regretted not picking it up when I first saw it as it’s been out of stock since…. until yesterday.  So in it went to the basket, amongst my Uncle Joe’s Mint Balls and 39p toothbrush holder and I haven’t looked back since. Well, for the good few hours it’s been in my life that is.

For hair oils, I have my own little ‘test’ at how good they are. The first one; apply the oil to dry hair, all over, around a 20pence size amount. For me, passing this test consists of two tick boxes – ‘Does it make my hair instantly shiny?’ and ‘Does it make me look like I’ve been working a shift down the chippy?’ If it passes these two, that’s bloody brilliant! If it doesn’t, I go on to the second test. If the oil does make my hair look like I’d done 10 rounds with a block of lard, I add more. A good palm full. I put it all over my dry hair, tie it up and then go to bed for the evening leaving it in all night as a treatment. Then in the morning I wash it out with shampoo only and gauge the results. This test has proven quite good in the past, so with the gum treatment oil I took the same approach to see if it was worth the grand sum of the £2.99 I paid for it. 
Firstly a small amount on dry hair – brilliant! It’s seemed to absorb into my hair immediately leaving it feeling soft, shiny and the oil is very lightweight and didn’t weigh my hair down at all. It didn’t appear greasy or oily and kind of made my hair feel fresh. After a few hours I decided to do the over night test, a good palm full through the hair, combed through, tied up and off to bed…. I washed the oil out with the Korres Sunflower and Mountain Tea shampoo. I find this to be a very nice shampoo, but nothing special with conditioning power, hence why I often use it to test the goodness of oils; as if it’s a good oil, I don’t need conditioning powers. I’ve gotta say, this oil worked wonders on my hair! It was left shiny, manageable and seemed to dry slightly quicker than usual too. Awesome. The smell of the oil is not too strong and nothing unpleasant, it’s more of a salon kind of smell than anything I think.
For £2.99 you really can’t go wrong with this oil. Looking at the ingredients it also contains other oils such as ‘Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil’ which is a skin conditioning agent which you would find in products like the Body Shop’s Hemp range, so this could be a particularly good product for anyone with a dry scalp too (don’t take my word on that, I ain’t no scalp doctor).  The two other oils listed are the more common Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil and Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil. I personally find that these cheaper oils seem to work better for my hair type, which is dyed, damaged, dry, most things beginning with ‘D’ haha. They seem to sink into my hair more, unlike more expensive oils that tend to sit on top of my hair and not really make much of a difference. I would say this was a close second in my list of top budget hair oils, with the first being my beloved Aldi Miracle Oil.