Ecotools Kabuki Set

Another little confession here on the blog today to demonstrate why I’m a baddddd beauty blogger – I own only 2 make up brushes and one of them was from unknown origins, the other from Claires Accessories. Yes, I know, terrible business that. I feel like I’m missing out on something good when everyone harps on about their ‘Real Techniques Stippling Brush’ or their latest ‘Sigma’ set, so today when browsing TK Maxx, I took the plunge, the plunge into the synthetic bristled dark side…. Actually, why am I calling it the dark side? It’s actually very much the opposite!

I always eye up the Ecotools brushes in Boots, but never took the plunge. I have this automatic stop sign in my brain when it comes to things like this, that seem to be necessities but I don’t want to splash more than a quid on them. I’m glad I waited though as I picked up this lovely little Limited Edition Beautiful Expressions Kabuki set from TK Maxx for a mere £6.99 (and the RRP was apparently £18, god bless you TK Maxx)

In the amazing little set there is a concealer, bronze, contour and buff brush, all of which are brush types I think I’l like. They are all very sturdy bristles yet incredibly soft to the touch. My favourites out of the set are definitely the concealer and buff brushes as they are the most effective so far at achieving the flawless look I’m after with my make up. I find the concealer is great for putting on the liquid foundation and the buffer holds powder really well to smooth over to finish. Blusher is applied with the bronzer, and contour, well I’ve not found a use for you yet, but I’m sure I will. I think maybe the contour will be great at applying a sheer powder highlighter over my foundation for a nice dewy finish. Although these brushes aren’t being used for their intended purpose I’m still super pleased at how versatile they are towards my make up routine. Reading about the Ecotools brand ethos, I’m really glad I bought these brushes rather than another brand, as they’re a friendly company who seem to support charities and environmental issues and I’d much rather that than some of these brushes that use real animal hair and the like! Also, how pretty is the design for the mini brush handle? Endlessly cute and functional!