Frankly My Dear….

…If you can’t find me a decent present, there’s something greatly wrong. I’m the type of person who appears very fussy but at the same time it’s ridiculously easy to please me when it comes to gifts. I like EVERYTHING, but I realise this type of eclectic taste is pretty rare and buying gifts can be somewhat of a struggle sometimes. Especially for blokes it seems, when buying for ladies in particular. It might just be the guys I know, but it seems most of them are clueless when it comes to buying gifts. I think half the time it may be because they over think it too much though! As the saying goes ”Keep it simple, stupid!”. Some of my favourite presents received probably fall into the category of ‘impulse buys’.

Taking all this into account, I was recently contacted by a website called Ask Her Friends which is aiming to make guys a little more comfortable when finding that perfect gift. From their awesome literary prints above (taken from Pickled Ruby’s online store) to even a range of clothes designed for *gulp* breastfeeding. Ask Her Friends cover every taste and there’s a nifty drop down menu designed to specify the type of lady you’re buying your gift for, whether it be a cute inexpensive gesture or a fancy bag. It’s such a simple concept and I think it’s pretty effective given the range of gift idea’s available on there. In fact, I don’t know why I’ve centred this blog post around the idea that guys are useless at present buying, I’ve found a mega load of inspiration myself for people I’ve been struggling to come up with ideas for by using their nifty Ideas Map!