Hello Fresh!

My diet – it’s one that creates mystery and intrigue to many. I love to *experiment* is probably the best way to put it. From adding some dorito’s to a salad (well, not just salad, most things) to my new favourite treat; flavoured instant mash. Oh I just love to live on the edge. Ha. I noticed Hello Fresh on Twitter and after having a gander around their website lusting after *real food* I contacted them. I got sent an amazing box packed full of FRESH, REAL ingredients. My new house hasn’t even SEEN a carrot before (I’ve only lived here two months though, don’t be too concerned yet!) and I was also amazed at the amount of stuff I received all meticulously packed and measured out ready to go.

I pulled out the recipe cards before I looked in the actual box and was like UHHHH what a con, I need to buy milk, butter, all the basic stuff for the recipes. Thinking they wouldn’t be provided. Y’know, like those boxes of cupcake mix where you think you just need to add water but no, you need oil, eggs and milk etc too….. But how silly was I?! Hello Fresh is not a crappy cupcake mix, oh no, Hello Fresh is a meal kit that thought of EVERYTHING. And I mean everything, from the spices, powders and potions, to the little mini milk and cheese! Words cannot express the amount of joy this gave me! 
The Hello Fresh box was also delivered at a specific time (at my convenience) complete with ice packs in the box to keep the meat cool and the butter hard! It was just the box that kept on giving! Alongside the wonderful fresh veg, herbs, spices and essentials I also the fresh meat to include in the meals. And I was surprised that the tiger prawns were the biggest prawns I’d seen for a while too. I didn’t know what meals I was going to be receiving before I opened the box but I was pleasantly surprised to find recipes for Cardamon Spiked Prawn Pilau, Happy Shephards Pie and an amazing Bangkok Red Curry Soup Noodles recipe. Each one more delicious than the last.
I’ll admit, I always find cooking to be somewhat of a chore. I often just cook for myself so think it’s a waste when there’s no one else to share with, as my housemate is often out, but I saved these and shared just so I could share the love. The recipes are so quick and easy to follow I’ll be definitely whipping them up again for one though. Each meal I made took no longer than 30 minutes from start to finish, and around 30 seconds to wolf down. The step by step instructions are so simple to follow and the pictures are also such a great touch so you know what you’re doing. My personal favourite was the Bangkok Red Curry. It reminded me a lot of my favourite dish Tom Kha. 
All in all, apart from wishing I’d taken better pictures, the Hello Fresh box is a massive success. A lot of people have asked if it is worth the money as it does come in at £39 for 3 meals for two. I would say yes, but only as an occasional treat.When I am done being a pauper I think it would be a great thing to treat myself to once a month. As it works out at around £6.50 per meal per person with EVERYTHING you need included in the box, it certainly is more exciting than having a meal out and cheaper at that price too. Also when you take into account the cost it would be to buy all the ingredients separately yourself too, it could really add up! There’s also a vegetarian option for slightly cheaper too. Hello Fresh would also be so handy it you lived in a city with no car to the local supermarket, as it’s all you need straight to your door, and as I’ve said you can choose a time to suit you for delivery! So there you go, from a cooking novice who lives off instant mash – if Hello Fresh can help me to make the perfect meal it really is an excellent concept!