Korre-king Christmas Idea

I promised myself I wouldn't do any Christmas themed posts, especially not gift idea ones, but it seems the Christmas bug has bitten and I just had to tell you about these wonderfully affordable offerings from Korres. As you may have guessed Korres are my new favourite brand. Their lovely packaging with simple, to the point labelling with incredible product quality has got me hooked and I want everyone to share the love. These two little sets are great value for money and I'm pretty darn sure whoever receives them will never look back from a time when this natural, Greek brand wasn't in their life.
Fig is a scent which I assumed would be rather repugnant, just like the taste, but it's actually not! The Fig Collection gift package contains a generous 250ml shower gel and a 150ml body butter. If you've ever tried Korres body butter's then you will know just how rich and creamy they are. I remember getting the guava one in a beauty box a few months ago and I used it pretty much every day until the last drop was gone. They're perfect for colder weather, especially if you're a dress wearing lass like I, as they're so luxurious and thick they seem to coat your skin in a good way to prevent your legs drying out. Korres shower gels are another lovely product. I've had a bottle of Mango in my shower for a while now and they smell amazing!! The smell also seems to stick for the day too, which is always an added bonus. 
The smaller of the two gift sets is 'A Fresh Blend'. which contains some smaller sized bottles perfect for trying Korres for the first time or taking on a winter holiday. With a delicious scented Basil and Lemon shower gel which is such a fresh smell alongside a guava shower gel which is more fruity, they're the perfect size to use on holiday or just to try out the brand for a few weeks. The set also contains a guava body butter, and you knows how I like these body butters! 
You're probably thinking that Korres are going to set you back a ridiculous amount considering how wonderful all their products are, but think again! 'A Fresh Blend' will set you back no more than £12 and The Fig Collection containing 2 full size products is £15. And when you consider the shower gel is £9 alone and the body butter £11.50 it's excellent value for money!  Both are available from www.oliverbonas.com 

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  1. These sound great, must try them!:)


    1. I find christmas gift sets are a really affordable way to try new things!

  2. I've finally purchased my first Korres item Terri! I got the Pomergranite Lip Balm :)

    I saw these gift sets only a few days ago, I was so tempted :)

    Great post!

    Amy xx

    1. Woooo!! Do you love it? I hope so! It's been my saviour this week!

  3. I love the Korres lip butters and have written a post on these on my blog. Fab products and great prices. I often use Bath & Unwind as they do amazing offers. xx

    1. The lip butters are amazing aren't they?! Love them!!

  4. Korres sets are gorgeous, the fig products are on my wish list :)



Thanks for the comment!

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