My Precious Poundland

I don’t care what a TV program says about Poundland, or how some people thought they were the devil for selling old stock, some of us simply cannot afford to shop elsewhere. It’s a recession and if a documentary is going to try and pee on my parade, I’m sorry it’s just not going to work! (Yeah I know that program was months ago now, but you remember it right?). I love Poundland, and I don’t care who knows it! And if you wanna judge me for that – go ahead! I’ll never be a snob. Anyway, mini rant over, I thought I’d share with you my recent Poundland buys. 

You’e probably already seen these Skittles candles popping up  left, right and center lately. So did I, and as soon as I got whiff they were from Poundland I took a trip straight there! I did have my reservations though, as if you’ve ever smelt some of the candles in there you’ll know they’re not always as delightful as the namesake tends to indicate. I can’t remember what the fragrance was meant to be on the other brand of candles in there, but it smelt like pure turd. Not even after a healthy meal, just dirty turd turd. So when I picked up the Skittles ones I sniffed with caution! Luckily everyone of these scents is a sensation for the nasal passage and not a drop of turd in sight. I love love love the melon berry scent and it’s a really fresh fragrance. Cherry and Raspberry I found are quite a like but neither are unpleasant and remain a treat for the airwaves. I’ve got the melon one lit right now and I can actually SMELL IT. There’s nothing worse than a scented candle that fails to fill the room with it’s odour and for £1 I’m very impressed with them so far. They come in a lovely little glass pot too which is going to be really good to save for burning tea lights in as well after these have burned away.
The second set of bargains I’ve picked up were these two Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Varnishes. I’ve seen Sally Hansen polishes in Poundland before, but they’ve always been a repugnant pink shade I wouldn’t even put on a contestant of Toddlers and Tiara’s. They were also in an older shaped bottle too. The two shades I’ve picked up are Dorien Grey and Lavender Cloud which are two deightfully muted tones. However, I have found they are very sheer and it takes up to 4 coats to achieve full opaqueness, which is not a thing I have much patience for. Nevertheless, an affordable introduction to the Sally Hansen Nail Varnish range!
Have you picked up any Poundland bargains recently? Or bargains from elsewhere for that matter! I’m definitely going to be heading back for a few more candles and keeping my eye out for some more goodness on the trip! £5 well spent.

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