S’all in the Detail

Picassa is still being as ASS-a when it comes up uploading my images to posts, so sorry if you’re clicking on this post full of intrigue after seeing the title on the blogger dashboard reader thing. I do dislike how if you HTML in an image from a different location it doesn’t show the image there, or on the mobile version of my blog until you click the post. Technologyz  Y U FAIL ME? Anyway, here I am doing an outfit post, giving into the trends once again…

I think being influenced by fashion blog trends is becoming a bit of an illness. If someone had told me this time last year I’d be succumbing to studded shoes and pleather skirts I would have laughed in your damn face. But alas, I’ve purchased the new fashions and I must say I am liking this look a lot. I saw this pleather (fake leather for anyone not down with the lingo) in Primark last week. I thought it was a really nice style as a-line skirts suit my Beyonce behind the best. I didn’t try it on though as I thought it looked really short on the hanger, alas on the next visit I took it to the changing room and loved it. It’s so….sturdy?! I imagine this horrid windy weather would have a bit of trouble trying to Marilyn Monroe me in this bad boy. For £12 it was a snitch. I know New Look have some pleather skirts in that are very similar but they are a little thinner and also £19.99, which isn’t actually too bad anyway.
I’m not sure about my expression in that second picture… SERIOUS BLOGGER IS SERIOUS. Yes, deadly serious. Especially when it comes to a bargain too…. This shirt has been doing the rounds on blogs too and I did really like it when I saw it. But could I justify £12 on a shirt…? Nah. But what I could justify was the £5 it did cost when it was reduced down. I love the collar, although the fit is a little awkward on me. It gapes a little around the chest area which is a mystery as I have very little going on around there. You’ll also notice the beloved studded shoes, which have been included on the blog before. They were from Deichmann. My favourite shoe shop ever.  It’s my birthday on Monday, I won’t tell you how old I’m going to be, but if you can guess you get a shiny gold star….. 
On a slightly stupider note; how the hell do you wash a pleather skirt?!