Caviar on Ritz Crackers

Ever since I was a kid, fur coats have always been somewhat of a fascination. I’ve had a bit of a love hate relationship with my feelings towards them. There was a time where fur coats made me feel a bit vommy, like fur held on to dirt or something (y’know like when you browse through the smelly jumpers in a vintage shop and need to wash your hands straight afterwards) then I thought, oooh they look quite good though (on some people) and wearing one makes me feel a bit like I’m playing dress up or something. But they’re just so snuggly. I’ve tried a few on in shops and they are luxurious to wear, they make you feel like the queen (apart from less miserable because, well, the Queen is bloody miserable). Anyway, less about that, more about the fact I now have a fur coat in my possession, thanks to the wonderful folk at Daisy Street!
Fur Coat – Daisy Street
Cravat – Swagger and Swoon
Velvet Dress – New Look
Boots – Barratts

I attended the Daisy Street Bloggers Christmas Party in Manchester last week and they gave me a little tag that I could place on ANY item I would like to try and they would send it to me. Victoria, Frances, Anna and Danielle all shared the classic T Lowe TURMOIL of what to choose. I am awful at decisions. In the end, instead of going for the delicious Sequin Leggings my heart has been lusting after ever since I laid eyes on them, I went for the fur coat. And as much as I am still lusting over the leggings, I don’t regret this choice. I feel like the kid from Despicable Me is going to come running up to me, give me a hug and scream ”IT’S SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE”.
The only  problem I have found with this fur coat though, is that you can’t wear a scarf with it as it’s just fluff over kill! It must be how bears actually feel, however, it doesn’t button up all the way to the top. So it’s a bit of a pain if you’re wearing a dress with a scooped neckline, like I did the other day. WELL, I came up with a sneaky compromise to stop my neck getting all chilly. I got this super fancy cravat like a gentleman the other week from Swagger and Swoon.  I know it’s probably a little craycray to have a cravat, but the material is just so amazing. It’s a combination of so many things I LOVE in one accessory – paisley, baroque, GREEN. And it’s silk too so it’s so soft and nice! I love taking traditional things and thinking of new ways to wear them! It also great as when you’re shopping in this weather all the high street stores love to whack the heating up (WHY?!) So it’s a handy size to whip off and pop in the tiny bag you thought was a good idea to take with you….
So, I like to call this outfit/look ‘Caviar on Ritz Crackers’…. Some posh little bits on a common little lass, but the combination turns out to be super tasty…. (Or in this case, super snuggly and extra sensible for this cold weather!)