Damn Fine Coffee

If there’s two things I love, it’s damn fine coffee and damn good design. And Jimmy’s Iced Coffee ticks both of those boxes. In fact, it doesn’t JUST tick the boxes. It’s ticks then, crosses them, scribbles around a bit and then pee’s all over the competition. I knew as soon as I spotted this amazing little carton on Waitrose the other day, I had to have it in my life. And if there’s one thing that comes close to my love of coffee and design, it’s a quirky narrative, and Jimmy old boy, you have quirky written all over you. Literally.

I did actually spot the Jimmy Coffee cartons on Lovely Package many months ago. That website is a proper little treasure trove for me, and I always spend hours going through the lovely packaging designs! It’s packed full of innovative and talented designers, and it’s always an amazing source of inspiration. It showcases not only established designers and popular product lines, but designs by students too, so acts as a great way to spot talent in the making and read a few case studies. You know, if that’s your thing. Haha. The Jimmy’s Iced Coffee website also continues with this painfully cute and quirky charm and I’ve just spent the best part of the last hour clicking around on it…. Anyway, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. Just look at it. Isn’t it wonderful. So much so that it really pained me to throw the used carton away. I seriously just wanted to keep it forever. But I understand the mentality of doing so would be similar to that of a hoarder, so in the bin in went *sob*…. A few tears were shed in the process, but I can soon get over it by buying more as I can categorically state that Jimmy’s Iced Coffee in the limited edition Gingerbread variety is ‘scrumdiddlyumptious’.
It’s not like the regular Gingerbread flavouring that you would experience in syrup form from Costa or Starbz. It’s something so much better. It’s like drinking a liquid version of freshly baked ginger bread loaf. It’s hard to describe and I used to loathe ginger bread loaf, it’s a completely different flavour to gingerbread men I find! I now really like ginger bread though and It’s amazing how authentic this tastes! Words cannot describe. It’s not overly coffee flavoured though. Not enough to give you death breath. But it’s more of a gingerbread drink with a hint of real coffee in my opinion. A thoroughly wonderful taste sensation. I’ve only seen Jimmy’s Iced Coffee in the chilled section of Waitrose thus far and it doesn’t come in cheap at 2 of these tiny little 330ml cartons for £3.30 or £1.79 each. It’s an amazingly different little beverage though and really worth a go if only to see what I’m on about with it being LIQUID GINGER BREAD LOAF. (I sound a little crazy if you don’t try it and see for yourself)