My Empty Crap

Excuse the rather bleak title for this blog post, but it seems that ’empties’ posts are all the range and I thought that by showing you what is essentially my litter, I could be with the ‘in’ crowd. I jest of course, the reason I don’t often do posts like this is because I’m a massive hoarder and would prefer to savour every last drop of a product before using it up and throwing it away. I’m terrible for it and it really makes no sense. I mean really, why do I have 4 bottles of shampoo which I’m not using the last bit of? Why? Numerous foundations on the go and a variety of random products….A very strange logic holding on to them when I could simply use them then replace them with new things. Anyway, this month I’ve broken the habit slightly and low and behold – my empty crap!

It mainly consists of bathroom items, especially hair products. I have so many shampoo’s, conditioners, dyes and treatments open right now. But I’ve started to use them up before buying any more! So, where to begin and what to say? First up we have the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner. This conditioner is rather good actually, but it’s one of those that simply isn’t *special* enough for me to rave about. Herbal Essences, for me, is a kind of bread and butter range. I buy it when it’s on offer only if I’m running low on my hair washing supplies and then I always replace it the week afterwards with something else, the range kind of strikes me as boring. But saying that, this conditioner is good! I told you my logic is consistently flawed…. Secondly there’s the Cien Cream Oil Body Wash. I bought this from Lidl when I started to run low on my Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower Cream. I spotted this in Lidl for the bargain sum of 89p and thought I’d give it a try. And I must say, when compared to one such as the Soap and Glory which retails for something not too shy of £10 it’s an awesome alternative. It made my skin just as soft and lathered up equally as creamy. The smell is where the obvious difference lies, but this was a lovely fruity fragrance as opposed to Soap and Glory’s signature scent. The John Frieda Full Repair Range is also within the product list of ones I wanted to use up. They’re ok overall and I’ve successfully polished off the shampoo, conditioner and intensive conditioner treatment, but I don’t think I’m blown away by them. They’re really nice, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve not experienced anything ground breaking with regards to my hairs conditioner or appearance. Just the fact it makes it feel a little softer and dries kind of quicker. I’d buy them again if they were on offer I guess but I won’t be parting with the full RRP amount! And finally from this magical little collage is the Colour Restore Red Pigment Hair Infusion.  A nice little product that’s easy to use and does what it says on the box. It’s basically a red goo dye that you can use in a number of ways to restore the red tones in your hair. I’ve not used this as quickly as I would have done before my hair was dip dyed, but it a quick and easy way to change my look in the time it takes to wash my hair. You can use it as an intensive treatment for a proper kick of red or as a rinse to add a hint. And it’s not as messy as the Directions Riche dyes which are in an awkward pot!

The final two items I’ve managed to use up this month are fragrances. The first of these two is the Vera Wang Princess perfume. I must have received this around 4 years ago from an ex boyfriend. This smell probably comes as a massive hint as to why we didn’t work out. It’s completely not my cup of tea. And if he’s have known me, he would have known that. It’s a sickly sweet perfume, one that a lot of teenager girls would probably love. But for me it’s rancid. What made it worse was the fact it was a 100ml bottle. I probably should of ebayed it, but instead I took the opportunity to use it as a fancy form of Fabreeze – spraying any garments that needed a little refresh. I’m probably being a little harsh with my opinion of the scent here, I’m sure a lot of people are massive fans, but it’s not for me. I can tolerate it though, but no, definitely not on the repurchase list. And last but not least is the Soap and Glory Glam a Lot body mist. I adore this smell, which is a complete contradiction to what I just said about the Vera Wang one! Glam a Lot is sweet and floral and almost creamy. I personally think it’s a nice alternative for anyone who likes the smell of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (although a lot of people disagree with me on that?!!?). It really does remind me of that scent every time I spray it though. It’s a lovely smell that lasts throughout the day. I’m not quite sure what the point of body mists are though… Not quite perfumes, not quite deodorants, just some weird middle ground product. I got this in that awesome Soap and Glory gift set they sold at Boots last year for like £20. You know, the one with EVERYTHING in that should of been £60? Anyone know when that offer is out this year by the way?!
So there we have it, the first blog post you will see on here parading my empty crap. I hope you liked it. And I hope I continue to use up products as it’s probably as wasteful holding on to them until they turn bad as it is just throwing them away! Does anyone else do that?! Hoarders anonymous. Also, apologies for any types and incoherent sentences in this post, I’m feeling a little groggy this week, T Lowe flu appears to be setting in and I heard its 100x worse than this ‘man flu’ thing I keep hearing about.