Post Porridge Puriskin

A few of you may be aware via the wonder of Twitter, that the other week there was a very traumatizing incident, which involved my hand and hot porridge.  It wasn’t a nice experience and resulted in me burning the back of my left hand quite badly! After sitting for a few hours claiming I knew everything because I am a First Aider, I realised that the burn was nastier than I first thought and it bubbled up into a massive blister and I had to go to the local NHS walk in centre! The nurse popped the blister and dressed the 3 inch wound for me, which proved to be a massive pain in the arse as it was located in the worst position on the back of my hand ever. There was also a really gross incident where the blister came off completely, just leaving me with an open wound – not good! About a month later though it seems to have healed pretty well, but I am very wary about ending up with a massive scar on my hand now, so I read about Puriskin and had to try it.

Puriskin claims to be a ‘resurfacing formula’ which can be used on your face or on the body. It’s a thick cream which comes in a very nice pump action bottle. It’s quite a good bottle actually as it’s very easy just to squeeze out the right amount that you need so there’s less waste. I think it’s really hard to just the effectiveness of products like this as you can’t really compare scars and healing times unless you have two exact ones and tested the product on one and not the other! But saying that I’m very impressed so far. After the first use I found the scar dramatically reduced in redness and turned more of a pink tone. It also made the scar appear more matte in appearance which I found quite odd, like it muted the colour or something?! Quite weird! After 2 weeks of use, the scar does seem to have healed quite well and lightened quite a lot also. It has definitely smoothed the skin out again as well. The official schpeel for Purskin goes a little like this:
”A highly active formulation designed for problematic and unsightly damage to skin texture. This deep cell, reconditioning treatment is specially formulated with a vitamin-rich, PH balancing complex to soften hardened blemishes and smooth and refine.”
The ingredients list is an impressive formula of oils and goodness. With a lot of soothing essentials in like Evening Primrose Oil and Jojoba Oil it comes as no surprise that Purskin is ultra soothing. It’s also 100% natural, which is always good to know! Unless I go out in the bitter cold with no gloves on I don’t even feel the scar any more, although like I said this could be partially down to the natural healing processes also. I’m always a sceptic.  Well, that was until I just snapped this image below. I kind of thought the Puriskin had made a little difference but nothing too dramatic….
But as you can see, compared to the first image which was taken two weeks ago, the scar is so much lighter and smoother?!?! I’ve actually just had to check my camera settings to make sure it’s not on that skin smoothing setting you can get!! I’m pretty blown away right now. I honestly didn’t think it had made that much of an improvement! Haha. The smell of Puriskin is probably my least favourite factor. It’s not a disgusting or overly offensive scent, it’s just not my type of smell. It’s a bit like old ladies perfume I thought. I’ve been dabbing a little on my face now and again when spots have begun to subside in an attempt to reduce the redness a bit quicker, and it works for that too! Although when I use it all over my face it does seem to boarder on the dry side and I personally do need an extra moisturiser as well to use Puriskin this way. Overall it’s a pretty good product! Compared to the other products on the market such as Bio Oil which claims to do the same type of thing, it’s a reasonable price for £19.99 for a 50ml bottle, which should last a pretty lengthy amount of time considering how little you need per application. Although I’m unsure how it’ll fair on older scars, maybe I should try it on that old razer cut on my leg, you know the type everyone has from when they were about 14 and skinned their ankle like a rotating donner kebab meat block? We’ll see….