Ah blushers. A part of my make up regime that I never quite *got* the hype about…. But since I bought this amazing Sleek Blush in Rose Gold, I’ve been obsessed. It’s the most perfect blusher in the world… EVER (in my opinion anyway that is). Often praised as a dupe for NARS blushers, the Sleek Rose Gold Blush is my daily must have. Another blusher I’ve been wearing daily since it’s been in my possession has been the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in ‘Icing’. A blush that I’ve seen popping up here and there for it’s unique formula. I’d not seen many reviews of the Watercolour Blush in Icing though!

It is so hard to capture how beautiful these blushers are on camera (especially with the dark nights – oh bane of my life). But I’m trying to give you the best visuals I can! The Sleek Blush in Rose Gold I have mentioned before, it’s an absolutely amazing product, especially when it weighs in at under £5 a pop. The colour is a lovely orangey – pinky – goldy combination with a quite iridescent finish which gives my skin such a flawless hue, which can look ever so slightly different in certain lights. It’s an absolute wonder blush! The pigmentation is impressive and you can add a fine swoop for a touch of colour or build it up for that ultimate rose gold glow. Words cannot express my love for this blusher! I want to marry it. The Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush is a product like non other. It’s an incredibly watery formula (hence the name, right?) and is just, well, quite hard to describe really. Only the tiniest amount is needed to use it to it’s full effect. The shade I chose ‘Icing’ is much more of a highlighter than a blusher though for me. It doesn’t give a massive colour pay off because it’s such a light pink shade, but the highlighting effect is wonderful and as it’s so erm, watery, it’s very easy to build on and very easy to distribute around your face.
I’ve found both the Sleek Blush and Daniel Sandler have worked very well when they tag team my cheeks. I’ve been using my Ecotools mini contouring brush for the Sleek colour and then blending in Daniel Sandler over the top of my cheek bones and nose with the flat top ecotools buffing brush. It makes my face very happy. Like I said, it’s so hard to capture the effects of these two colours without daylight, but I think you can fathom how they look from the two pictures below. I’m so impressed with my skin lately too!! It’s so incredibly clear after using my Jane Scrivner Rose Attar and the reflective particles in the blushers seems to make my skin look even more flawless on camera. I didn’t even edit the one of my face! (Braggy braggy!! hahaha) There’s also not a spot to be seen. Oh I am loving my skin for once in my life.
If you want to see any more swatches of the Sleek Blushers, they have an amazing range of swatches on their website! Excellent products and awesome idea!! And if you’re after a good place to buy the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush then try Hairtrade, who let me choose this as part of their blogging partnership scheme this month! What’s your perfect cheeky combination or product?