Secret Santa

Working in an office full of guys and doing a ‘Secret Santa’ can prove to be treacherous territory! I must admit, I’ve always opted out of Secret Santa’s before as I often find it hard to buy something which is equal amounts of novelty and usefulness for the usual £5 or £10 budget. This year I lived on the edge though and took part. Luckily this year though there was quite a lot of choice in the novelty yet useful category on the high street so turns out it wasn’t as much of a struggle as I first thought! And also thought sharing what I bought might come as a bit of inspiration for those last minute Secret Santa’s. If you’re buying for a nerdy bloke that is. (I do hope no one from work reads this before the gifts are exchanged, whoops) Clearly I am not a very good Secret Santa…..

 The budget for our Secret Santa was £10, but the Casino Royale DVD and Poker Set I had lying around gifted from somewhere! The things I got for my £10 budget were all from Primark. The Pac-Man Ice Cube tray was a snip at £4, then the Kanye West mug was £4 and the Turtle socks were £2! Bang on budget. I’ve seen both the mugs and ice cube trays for sale in other shops for a few quid more, so glad I picked them up cheaper at Primark. I think I spent my £10 wisely! I thought it would be good to send the Poker set to someone, I’m not big into any card games myself but it seems there are lot’s of Christmas gifts for the Poker Player‘s around nowadays and it’s quite popular with most of the guys I know, not sure if the recipient is going to agree though, hope I don’t spur on some kind of gambling problem haha! And the Casino Royale just for lulz because I bloody hate James Bond and I can pretend I thought it was the latest one, oh what a lucky Secret Santa.