Two Sneaky Reviews

Holla at y’all! How’s everyone’s Christmas preparations coming along hmmm? I’m pretty much done with my present buying I think!! Just want to get some fancy honey for my Grandpaps and that’s about it. This year I’ve not been organised as such, but just picked up things for people as I’ve seen them to save any last minute panic buying of crap they simply do not want! Worked out very well in the end I must say and probably a bit more friendly to the pocket as it’s been throughout the year that I’ve been casually buying gifts. That’s my mega Christmas tip anyway, thank me later…. On to the sneaky reviews. I’ve got so much to get through and post about! I really can’t wait to have a week off to catch up. But in the meantime I thought I’d share with you two products I am absolutely loving right now! First up is the DuWop Venom Gloss from

Ages ago, I tried the amazing DuWop Private Lipsticks. The quality of packaging and product impressed me so much! When said I could try something from their site I was immediately drawn to the DuWop section! They had some amazing stuff in the range, like the blush boosters (first on my wishlist for after Christmas when I start working full time hours and getting real wages again!) But alas they were out of stock at the time of choosing *weep*. Instead I opted for the DuWop Venom Glosses. I’m not usually in to lip glosses as they’re often very sticky and don’t last very long on the lips, but the description for these has them down more as a shiny balm and something of a miracle product, I mean check out this schpeel!
Blood rushes to the surface as the blend of essential oils work their magic. Cinnamon, ginger, jojoba & creamy avocado oils help to create the tingle & provide your lips with a chic sheen. Bee-stung lips are a look that has become a modern classic and the Venom range has always led the way in plumping your pout. DuWop have injected a spectrum of dazzling colours into the Venom Gloss collection, with shades all named after poisonous plants
The 3 colours that I was sent were all quite different and as you can see from the swatch very sheer. Although I do love the subtleness of the shades for every day wear. As they’re glosses they really don’t last that long, but they do seem to be a little more longlasting that something like Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker. Which is a goopy sticky mess that only lasts about 10 minutes on me after getting all my hair unstuck from it! I think the ones I were sent were actually split from the Venom Candy Box gift set as they are 5ml not 10.5ml like the individual listings on the site. I must say the Candy Box gift set which contains 8 different shades does come in at good value costing £21 for the lot rather than £19 each! When the DuWop Venom Glosses are first applied they immediately cool my lips and make them feel like something is happening! In fact it is a similar sensation to that of the aforementioned Soap and Glory gloss. A little more comfortable though and  as I said nowhere near as sticky!! I really like the pink shade from the selection and would have loved to have tried the deep red one from the set, ah maybe next time. I also really REALLY want to try the DuWop Iced Tea lip products. They look and sound amazing!! Has anyone given them a go? Opinions on a post card please! I know the Duwop Venom’s were a big thing when Twilight first came out, I’ve no idea why that Kristen bird is so miserable all the time when her biggest money maker was connected to such a great brand.
Second up we have the current bargain favourite on the blogosphere: W7 Lava Flow Nail Varnish. Just LOOK AT IT. Isn’t it unique?? I think I have seen a Models Own one which is similar but when you look at the price of those and compare them to the £2 this cost me, it’s a no brainer. I absolutely love this nail varnish now. At first I was a little unsure if it was pretty of pukey but I have settled on pretty. I thought it would be sheer and the gittery bits wouldn’t even show or be just pointless. But alas it’s amazingly weird. In 2 coats you can create a good coverage but I’ve been applying 4! And I’ll tell you why…. This nail varnish is a motherbitch to remove with nail varnish remover!!! An absolute pain in the ass!!! So I’ve found like most glitter nail varnishes, by applying several more coats than needed I can just peel the varnish off ten times quicker than trying to remove it with nail varnish remover!
There we go, not only a blog post showing you 2 wondrous items, but I have also shared with you some wonderful(ish) tips for your Christmas shopping and nail varnish removal needs. I will also share one further tip: The W7 nail varnish is a little ‘sharp’ when dry so whatever you do don’t ‘scratch’ the inside of your nostril when you’ve got it on! Yes and by scratching I mean pick your nose a lil’ bit. Hey, I can’t help it, which this little Dr Seuss nose that pokes up like a little piggy I get debris in there all the time alright?!?! I think you can buy W7 from most discount stores, like B&M if you have a local one, I got all the W7 products I’ve blogged about recently from The Clothes Show, but I don’t think helps haha.


I apologise for the distinct amount of exclamation marks in this blog post, it’s nearly Christmas, I’m excited alright?!