Budget Base

Ah, man, don’t ya love it when you find absolute treasures on a budget?! I certainly do! When I picked up this little batch of W7 make up from the Clothes Show on Saturday, I really didn’t have high hopes. I think it was a nail varnish I bought years ago that made me avoid W7 for a while, it was very sheer if I remember rightly, and you know when you just judge stuff off one experience? Well, I did that. And boy am I regretting that now?! I actually got 5 items from the W7 stand for £10…. Meaning these beauties only cost £2 each!! The other two things I chose were a primer and a nail varnish, which are both good, but not blog worthy quite yet. Not like these! With 3 products, totalling £6 I’m impressed at how much of a brilliant budget base they create!

I literally just bought these for the sake of buying them. I must say I was slightly disappointed by the amount of stuff there was(n’t) available to buy at The Clothes Show after I’d heard such good things. Saying that though, the W7 stand did have so much stuff it was hard to wittle it down to just 5 items. It was also very hard to look because it was SO busy!! Which annoyed me greatly. Anyway, I’ve been after a new foundation for a while now and keep eyeing ones up in Boots and just chickening out at the last second before I make the purchase. I’ve been alternating between the Oriflame Everylasting Foundation and the 17 Miracle Matte one for a few months now, but both are running low and I fancy a change! The W7 Photo Shoot 16 Hour Foundation is…. amazing! Ok, it might not be *the* best foundation on the high street, but for £2….TWO POUNDS? You gotta be kidding me here. It provides just the right amount of coverage for my preference (medium to heavy) and matches my skin PERFECTLY. And I mean, perfectly. The shade I picked up was ‘Buff’ and Victoria got ‘Light Beige’ if I remember rightly. At the time both ones we picked up looked identical though, so can’t be sure how varied the colour range is. We both chose what we thought looked like the lightest one on the stand! The W7 Photo Shoot Foundation blends into my skin effortlessly and by simply using my fingers to apply it I get such an even finish. It also applies with an ever so slightly dewy finish too. The only criticism I have about the W7 Photo Shoot foundation is the packaging. Where it’s nice to have a weighty glass bottle, to make it feel more of an expensive and luxurious product, it’s a massive pain in the ass to get out!! I’ve been keeping it upside down and plopping it on the back of my hand thus far, but god knows what I’ll do to get the dreggs out when it’s nearing the end of the bottle though! I’m not letting that take the shine off the amazing formula mind, I am truly wow-ed (for £2!!).

The W7 Camouflage Kit is a little concealer palette which I bought because I’d been eyeing up a few on eBay. I’ve not really been using a proper concealer lately and have been using the Sleek Creme to Power foundation for any troublesome blemishes before sealing with the Stila Powder (£1shop find!). The W7 Camouflage Kit contains 5 shades and also has a handy mirror and application brush inside the packaging – bonus! The shades aren’t too varied though, and like the foundations do boarder on the similar side. I would say that each shade can be used for my skin tone and blended in one way or another though, which is great as there’ll be no waste! Rather than the brush that comes with the kit, I have been applying with my fingers as I find the product transfers better when I use it for spots and under my eyes. I do find I get a bit of a problem with creasing under my eyes when I apply products a little too heavily, but with this I haven’t! I’m not sure why though. As for concealers they do feel a little sheer, so I have piled them on. But like I said, strangely creasing is minimal?! They’re not the greatest product or quality, but for £2, once again, brilliant for my needs.  One product I’ve not used properly yet is the W7 Mineral Powder. I love and loath the packaging design for this; whilst it’s quirky and seemingly a great idea, I have found it hard to get the product out and apply it properly! The brush is OK, nothing great and I do favour my beloved ecotools brush over it any day, but for £2 what can you expect?! It’s a great little concept product, but don’t expect it to be as good as the old version of my favourite Collection 2000 Mineral Powder. It’s probably a good alternative to the NEW version of that particular powder (you can see the comparison between the old version and new version here). I wouldn’t say it’s the best loose powder in the world either, but for £2….? £2! £2!!! Have I said £2 enough yet? 

Have you tried any other W7 stuff that I need to get my mitts on? I think these items retail in shops like B&M for around £3 each, which is still a bargain and I recommend the Photo Shoot Foundation no end!