Bargain Hunt - Miracle Repair with Argan Oil

Two Bargain Hunt posts in two days, oh I do spoil you! I'm actually scheduling these posts to publish automatically whilst I'm being a slave to the grind this weekend and working! I'm actually on a killer shift which started 8am Friday morning and set to end 4pm Saturday. I have exciting job news you may have seen via my Twitter though so this will be a thing of the past soon! Anyway.....As we know Argan oil is like freakin' liquid gold right now, with prices for serums reaching ridiculous amounts. Well, forget those fancy pants ones, head to Tesco and pick up this Denise McAdam one for £2!!
 I have tried Denise McAdam serums in the past and they have been some of the better ones I've used. I'm also loving the revamp in design they've had recently. I actually didn't recognise them as being Denise McAdam and only looked at them because I thought they were a new range of products.
It works just the same as the regular Morrocan/Argan oils do. Apply it to wet or dry hair for a lovely glossy finish that repairs the hair from the inside (or something like that, unsure of the technicalities, soz) I've just compared the ingredients and this one contains the key ones found in the ever popular Morrocan Oil including; Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone and Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil. The main difference however being the price. Morrocan Oil is SO expensive - around £20 if not a bit more. This one is literally a fraction of that price. I know the other main contender for a cheaper alternative to Morrocan/Argan Oil is the v05 concentrate. I've tried that and I would actually say this one is heaps better. My hair has dried in record time (especially as I no longer use a hair dryer and let it dry naturally nowadays) And even if it wasn't comparable with any other serums it's still a great product. £2 well spent!

Barry M Foundation Brush

I've mentioned a few times that I need to bite the bullet and invest in a foundation brush. I've had soooo many recommendations and the common suggestion has been either the ELF brushes or investing in the slightly pricier Real Techniques range. Well, you'll be pleased to know I took non of your advice! Haha! Not on purpose though, honestly. I did enjoy seeing that ELF brushes were so cheap, but I literally only want a brush from their website, so I didn't want to spend more on postage than I would on the product, and as it's the first brush I'm trying and not sure if I'd prefer using one as opposed to my fingers, the Real Techniques ones were a bit too expensive for my budget. So, in stepppsss the Barry M Foundation Brush! I didn't even know they did brushes! Did you?
I really love the colour of the actual brush, such an amazing shade of purple. It was a toss up between this and the Revlon brushes in Superdrug (both around the same price at the time, this costing £5.99) The reason I chose this one though was because the bristles were shorter. I get the feeling that foundation brushes are going to be too soft for my liking. So I figured the shorter bristles would be 'harder' and be like a cross between a stippling brush and a foundation brush.
I've got to say, I am fully converted! I've put off buying a foundation brush for so long.... why? WHYYYY? I would never go back to using my fingers now. Just. No! It's as perfect as brushes come. I expected for the price I'd even get bristles coming out and leaving me looking like I had extra facial hair, but nope! Non of that either. I would fully recommend this brush! Granted, I don't have any other brushes to compare this too but I am certainly impressed.

Bargain Hunt - Easter Storage!

I spotted this adorable little bucket in Tesco yesterday in the seasonal Easter section. I'm not planning on doing any Easter Egg hunts this year or anything, but I knew I had to have it in my life. It ticked a few boxes - it's cute and it's a light 'shit green' shade. It also had a scalloped edge which is SOOOO IN right now.
It also weighed in at 97p!!! I know right? 97pence. So I bought 2 just for the sake of it. When I got home and was looking at stuff I could fill it with it was pretty obvious - the abundance of beauty clutter around my room.
As you can see, it fits a lot in and has a little handle too. I'm very pleased with myself for spotting them. They also had some really cute Easter coloured wicker baskets for smaller items that I may have to go back and nab. They had light blue, pink and green too. They're certainly working out a lot better and prettier than the shit little drawers I got from the pound shop the other week, I neglected to blog about them because they broke! 
Have you blogged about quirky and cheap storage idea's? Share your link!

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation

Apart from a lovely Afternoon Tea with Benefit the other day, I also got to take home some of their new Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation a few days before the release date (which is the 31st eep!) 
We got colour matched by the awesome Head Make Up Artist for Benefit - Lisa Potter Dixon. She certainly knew her stuff and could colour match anyone at ten paces it seems. I turned out to be the second to lightest one 'I'm pure 4 sure'
The reason there's been so much hype around the release of this foundation is because 1. Benefit currently don't produce a liquid foundation and 2. Because of how amazing the formula is....

 They've tried to incorporate all the factors real women want from a foundation; luminous skin, healthy looking, dewy, brightening and some sun protection in for good measure. In fact, have a little read for yourself....
 In the box you will also find a sample sachet of the Porefessional primer. I will admit I have tried this before and it's not for me, I can't seem to get it to work right! But the reviews are amazing. So don't let me put you off please!
 The foundation is a lot runnier than expected, reading that it had SPF 25 in I thought it would be an almost gooey consistency but nope! A really light slightly runny liquid. A little goes a long way also and I found that a  only little more than what I've swatched on my hand can do most of my face (and I have got some big cheeks I tell ye)
 The coverage of the foundation is buildable, I'm a heavy coverage kind of girl because I have quite an uneven skin tone, but you can easily build this up to a medium coverage in as little as two coats (two coats? I sound like a painter and decorator) I think it will take me a few days of use to get use to the light feeling and coverage as I do tend to like to FEEL my make up haha.
 Overall an amazing foundation for the summer months, I recommend we all try it. Don't be scared to head to your local Benefit counter just to get colour matched at least! As I've mentioned before I am so scared of approaching make up counters but Benefit has such a unique ethos and brand in comparison to other premium make up ranges. I'll also add that I have used my fingers to apply this but I should really invest in a brush. I think this is the type of foundation that would definitely look better when used with the right tools for the job. I am ye of little funds though so if you have a recommendation for a cheap(ish) foundation or stippling brush then let me know!
PS - here's an update of MY FACE after wearing Hello Flawless since 9am (time now is 4pm) I've been sat in the sun ALL DAY and it seems to be just as fresh as it was when first applied, good huh? I could probably do with a touch of lip balm and a visit to a Benefit Brow Bar by the looks of it though! 

This was a complimentary gift but does not sway my opinion at all. 

Primark Pastels

Yeaaaah, getting to that stage now where I take posey shots of myself in outfits. You know the type - oooh look at meeee I think I'm a m0delzzz. That is not what I was thinking when taking this first shot though, but this is the only one I snapped before the guy in the house next door came out and gave me his 'WTF are you doing' face....
Anyway this lovely pinky pastelly spotty number is from Primark. It cost £17... I know right? £17 from Primark!? But it was worth it, I bought it last year and it's endlessly lovely in warm weather.
I teamed it with this lovely blue pastel bow belt I also got from Primark for £2. It's a bit strange though as the bow is meant to be on the front (according to the mannequins) but the buckle fastening is on the back. I don't mind though cuz it looks cute.
Once again rockin' the turquoise cross bracelet from Trash and Trinkets!

And this necklace is one of my favourites ever! I got it from a little boutique shop in Newcastle Under Lyme. I've no idea who makes them but I've got a few in a similar layered style, like a owl and a caterpillar.
And where would I be without my trusty Betsy Johnson sunglasses....
What do you prefer to wear in the summer? Are you a legs out kinda gal or do you maxi it up?

That's Culotte

No, no, it's not my entry for a Butlin's Nobbly Knee's Competition.... It's my outfit of the day! Yesterday I got these awesome Culottes from Matalan for £6, yes £6!!! I don't usually dare to wear such things, my combination of little boys legs and lack of tan prevent me from getting me pegs out during the summer months. But this year I'm determined to be limbs a go-go and screw it if the world can't handle my paleness! (I say all this now, but so far I've only ventured into the garden wearing them)
 You'll recognise the T Shirt from the other day, I bought it last week from Primark for £5 and I literally can't get enough of it! It's my favourite colour, lightweight for summer and the loose fit is lovely.
 I'm also wearing my espadrilles again. I got these from New Look on offer as 2 for £10 for work, but they're SO comfy and perfect for summer I've not had them off my feet.
 And I've continued venturing to style pastures new with this amazing bracelet courtesy of Trash and Trinkets. I absolutely love the colour of the cross and it's quickly become a favourite to wear on my wrist, I never wear bracelets so it was such a pleasant surprise how pretty this was. Seriously check them out!
And here's mahhhh face. My Betsy Johnson sunglasses are my all time summer favourite, I have these in two colours - green and purple. I feel like a little froggy in the green ones, I like it! I got them from TK Maxx and I have spied some brown ones in this year, I might have to add them to my collection.

Fave This Week - Tokyomilk Perfume

It's no secret I absolutely love Tokyomilk products (You can follow >This Link< to see my collection so far) I love everything I have, from candles to lip balms. It all smells absolutely amazing. Trouble is it's not the cheapest brand in the world, and the perfumes are no exception (this set me back something around the £30 mark). I treated myself to this so long ago but it's SO PRECIOUS I rarely use it, but this week I have been embracing it's summery scent and wearing it daily.
 The main reason I bought this was because it was Gin and Rosewater. My two favourite things! Luckily it smells as good as it sounds. It's not a sweet fragrance but not a bitter one either, it's so hard to describe it. I must admit also it does make me sneeze when I first spray it on, a bit odd but I can deal with it.
 It also has a really nice citrus undertone to the smell and an almost wood like hint too. Like I said, so hard to describe!
Each bottle is so nicely designed too. I love the apothecary feel to them and the vintage colourings. Each bottle has a different picture at the back too and if I was a rich girl I'd buy them all. I've not yet smelt one which I dislike as they're all such unique scents. You can find the full range in your local John Lewis store. But  I will warn you, Tokyomilk products quickly become an addiction.

Bargain Hunt - Pastel & Matte Nails

Another new feature I'm adding to the blog is 'Bargain Hunt' in which I share with you super dooper bargains I've nabbed each week.... So here's the first one..... As we all know Pastel colours are SO in this season dah-ling and I'm no stranger to the pastel lovin', so when I spotted more awesome colours in the Technic Pretty Pastels range I had to grab 'em. I got this amazing minty green one for 99p from Bodycare. 
 I really do like Technic nail varnishes. They do a lot of 'dupes' of popular ones but I'm sure you'll agree that with a price difference sometimes mounting up to over 9quid the 99p range is WELL worth it. I'll be the first to admit though that some of the colours in the pretty pastels range aren't quite pastel colours. BUT it's still a great range of shades. There's an amazing rich coral like colour I'm going back for when I'm next in town as I'm totally regretting not picking it up with this one!
 The second nail based bargain I nabbed was from the Poundshop (oooh two bargain nail varnishes in one post, I am spoiling you) I apologise for the shabby images of this in use but as soon as I got it I had to paint at least one nail with it and I'd just done the pastel green freshly before going to town.
 This Revlon polish in 'Emerald Green' dries with a 'matte suede' effect. I've tried matte finish polishes before and they always seem to rub off the end of your nail really quickly, like within hours. So I must admit I didn't have very high hopes for this, even though it was Revlon. But how wrong was I? It lasted for around 3 days before it started to wear off and didn't chip at all. FOR A POUND I think that's kind of special.
It's really hard to capture the finish of the Revlon polish in an image but it is lovely and had tiny speckles of like a gold glitter in it. The Poundshop does seem to hold quite a few make up and beauty treasures lately including a lot of Rimmel stuff, always worth a look!

JolieBox March

There's some really negative reviews of this Joliebox flying around at the moment, I can kind of understand it as people are disgruntled about the fact there are only 4 samples instead of the usual 5 and also Joliebox seems to have 'recycled' the same products from Glossybox and other Beauty Boxes in the past. For example - the eyeko skinny eyeliner was in February's GB and also the Davines Balm was seen recently too. Not a problem for me as I didn't get these products before and was intrigued by the Davines products.
 The other things we got in the box apart from the Eyeliner and hair/skin/body balm was a 200ml tube of Yardley shower gel and a nail varnish, which claimed to be 'full size' but it's more of a half size bottle compared to regular nail varnishes. There was also the added 'bonus' of a handbag mirror. I have an abundance of these already that I always forget to put in my handbag though.
 The Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm for face/hair/body was the first product I got out. It smells really natural, like fresh and herby. It's a really thick creamy like substance. I used this last night on my hair and today it actually feels really soft and fluffy without any frizz. I'm actually quite taken by it. I'm not sure what the magic ingredients are but I like them. It's a generous size tube that should last a while.
I was lucky and got the 'good' colour of nail varnish, a lot of people have been moaning about the colour they got. I love this one, it's a nice greyish pink tone with tiny iridescent blue flecks throughout it. I've got it on now and been wearing it since I got the box and it's not chipped yet. Just a shame it's so small.
 The Yardley luxury body wash is another product that has received a load of negative vibes, people saying they could get it from their Grans house if they wanted such a thing. Well, you probably could. But it seems Yardley are trying to reach out to a younger audience nowadays (with their English Daisy fragrance and everything) So I really do understand why this was included, I have also recently discovered I love the smell of Peony. When it comes to shower gels/body washes though I could take them or leave them. I've never had one that's blown me away and similarly never had one I've been dead disappointed with.
 & finally the Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner, I got the dusky pink colour. Once again I'm not blown away. Although I must say I am impressed with the consistency of the actual product. It's a really easy to use creamy texture. But just not in a colour that wow's me. I never use eyeliners unless they're liquid but I'm sure I'll find a use. And I'll once again point out my dislike for the Eyeko rebrand and doubling of their prices. Still not impressed by that.
 We also received a little magazine in the box. I do love stuff like this. I especially liked how it had a Q & A section with Thérése, who is the one who generally (used to) reply to emails to Boudoir Privé. It's always nice to put a face to a name and learn more about someone who you've have internet conversations with.
Overall not a bad box, but at the same time not an awesome box. I think I'll be cancelling this along with my Glossybox and joining the gym with the money I'll be saving. Once again half of these products will probably end up in TK Maxx soon at a fraction of the RRP (at the moment they have Rituals shower gel gift sets in FYI)... So is the novelty wearing off or are beauty boxes just turning rubbish now? I still can't decide.

Benefit Cabana Glama

Summer is here! (kind of) So what better way to get a bit more sunshine in your life than faking a bit of bronzeyness around the ol' face..... And what better way to get that than with a Benefit product (I'm now a fully converted Benefit fan, can you tell?) This is a one stop set perfect for taking on your holibobs with you as it doesn't take up much room and contains everything you'd need to look lovely in the summer summer summer tiiiiime.
 I'll admit this probably wouldn't be the first product I'd choose from their range, my skin tone resembles that of a frozen poultry product so a bronzed, tanned, holiday look is the last thing I would associate myself with really. However, it's packed to the brim with goodness....
 Contents includes: 
'Some kind of gorgeous'  in medium - a concealer which when I first looked at it, made me wonder how I would use it, as I'm so pale it would never suit me surely? Alas though, it does! It's possibly my favourite thing in this set. I've made the mistake before of getting a lighter shade of concealer which seems to highlight imperfections more due to the contrast so a few shades darker than what I would usually go for has made so much difference.
Hoola - a cheeky little bronzing blush. I have to admit, it kind of looks like I've smudged poo on my face when I put this on, I need to perfect the blending of it. I think it may be due to the little brush that comes with the set picking up too much though, I used my regular blusher brush on the other cheek and found it much better. This is probably down to my paleness though, I imagine darker skin tones wouldn't have this problem at all.
PosieTint  - I already have a Posie Tint and I really love it, it's the ideal pink shade for me. It can be used on cheeks and lips. I do find it a little drying on lips though so apply a bit of clear lip balm first which stops this problem.
Peach Fizz, Bronze Buzz & Cocoa Pizzazz - 3 highly pigmented eyeshadows which I absolutely love. The Peach Fizz is such an amazing shade, with a rosey gold glow. It looks great on it's on but equally as awesome when blended with Bronze Buzz and Cocoa Pizzazz too. 
The set also comes with a little instruction booklet to show you how to use the products correctly. I absolutely love when products do this, half the time I don't follow the advice but I do love a pretty picture or two. You can also pull the tray of products out and use the box as a keepsake box. Good idea eh!

*I received this as a gift when I attended the manchester leg of the hello flawless roadshow

Back to the Old's Cool - Cremolia

I've not posted a 'back to the olds cool' blog entry for a while now, so here's a rayt treat for you today.....Yeah I know it sounds like some kind of horrid disease and looks like something you would find in yer nan's cupboard, BUT I discovered this yesterday in Boots and it was so gross and retro looking I just had to buy it.
 It's Smiths Cremolia! A non greasy gooey substance that softens and conditions the hands and skin. Huzzah! What more do you want from life? I bought this as my Dermatitis has flared up again this week and I've run out of my amazing Body Shop Hemp Balm. This cost a mere £1.29 so I thought I'd give it a whirl.
 It's a pretty basic ingredients list so I knew it wouldn't do me any harm. The fact it's non greasy also made me think I could use it on my face too. And I did and it went down a dream. My cheeks could be mistaken for a baby's bottom at the right angle today I tell thee!
The goo itself is a pretty strange consistency. I won't be so vulgar and tell you what I thought it was similar too - but its grim, reaaaalll grim. BUT when rubbed into the skin it disappears really quickly with amazing results. No smell seems to linger and it doesn't leave your hands with that tacky feeling a lot of hand creams can. I've used it for one day and it has already reduced the redness of my dermatitis flair up and made it a lot less sore. It does smell like THE OLD though so be prepared. Worth a go for the price anyway! 

My Log Has Something To Tell You

Once again, sorry for the awful quality pictures in this post! My SLR is too big to lug around, especially on these lovely sunny days - so phone pictures it is. Today I went BARE LEGS. Look at them, like two long and boney frozen chickens. I'm so pale but I'm refusing to go on sunbeds ever again, the just make me itchy and make freckles multiply, really not a good look. And fake tan just makes me orange. However, if you have any recommendations of some fake tan for us paler girls give me a shout yo! 
I got this T Shirt the other day from Primark and I love it! It was only a fiver and just the right style I was looking for. The skirt from from an awesome vintage shop called Blue Rinse up near Afflecks in Manchester and I'm wearing some Espedrilles(SP?!) on my feet because I'm like, totally in fashion like that.
Hope you're all enjoying the nice weather! x

Afternoon Tea with Benefit

Hola! Today I had a wonderful time at the final date on the Benefit Road Show celebrating the forthcoming launch of their new Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW liquid foundation.
Hello Flawless is set to continue Benefit's reign in the high end world of beauty, they've been a bit clever and done their research, finding out what people want and need from a foundation and mixing it all together in one magic bottle. It brightens the face, it's oil free, AND  it contains SPF 25 (!) P+++ (the P+++ thing is to do with the protection grade of the UV filter, this foundation contains the highest rating thus meaning the highest protection - a foundation first!)
So, at the event we were treated to a live demonstration of how to apply our foundation like a pro! I was quite pleased with myself when they mentioned my 'Fave of the Week' which was the b.right facial emulsion, it's like I know something about make up or something!? That was applied first, then The Porefessional, followed by Oxygen WOW. Lisa Potter Dixon; Head Make Up Artist for Benefit, also explained why applying foundation with a brush was the best thing to do (as opposed to fingers or a sponge) and it definitely made more sense to me - being a brush n00b an' all! You get a more consistent coverage with a brush with no dirt or oil from your hands and there's no where near as much wastage as when applying it with a sponge. I guess I should already know that really!
 Another thing I was taken by at the event was these amazing Benefit WOW themed post-it notes, how awesome are they?! Unfortunately non of us got to keep these, I'm cursing the lucky bastard they belong to though! 
 We then went upstairs in Harvey Nichols to divulge in some Afternoon Tea. It was a great opportunity for a chat with not only Lisa and the other event organisers but other bloggers too. These types of things are awesome for putting faces to names!
 The view was lovely, the sun was shining, the food and drink was amazeeee. We got offered a cheeky little bonus of a glass of champers too, lah-de-dah.
 If you're a regular reader then you will know that I love my food. So when the little selection of sandwiches and treats was presented to us I had a mini field day tasting one of everything.

 Yum yum yum. The most interesting thing out of this selection was the 'Lavender Lumps' (probably not actually called that) But they were odd, I still can't decide if I liked them or not. They were like profiteroles with french custard inside and dried lavender on the outside. Hmmm!
Overall a completely pleasant a lovely day, thanks Benefit!
Reviews of the new foundation and Benefits' Cabana Glama coming up this week..... (ps sorry for the image quality on this post, that camera claimed to be 8mpx and good quality, blergh!)
Here's some better quality ones from the Benefit UK official Facebook page (well, the only ones where I don't look too grim)

Not quite sure what I was talking about there, possibly my sweat problem....
*FYI some images courtesy of my poopy phone camera, some courtesy of the benefit facebook team. 

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