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I have soooo many products I want to tell you all about but it's hard to get through them all right now! I've used my Gulliver though and decided to incorporate this hoarding habit into a few posts that I shall name the FANTASTIC THREE. And narrowing it down to 3 things in each category was a little bit of a challenge I tell thee. I thought a good place to start is with the hair oils I've been using lately. Each one of these little gems has been a super star in their own way so pipe down and I'll tell you a little bit about each one and why they're providing my follicles with such joy right now.

I've found that even though these are all, erm, basically the same idea, I have found that each of these oils works best for me in different ways. With my hair been dyed and damaged and let's face it, pretty neglected (I barely even brush it!) I need all the help I can get. The first one I'll harp on about is the gum treatment oil with moroccan Argan oil. I found this in Home Bargains a few months ago and wrote all about it then. It's been brilliant ever since and I use this one as a tamer of frizz in the mornings if I find my hair has gone a bit wild over night. There's nothing worse than waking up looking like a ginger lion when you want to look more like a sleek and styled kitty cat. I know it probably contains around 00000.01% of actual argan oil but that doesn't bother me, as what ever is in it does wonders for my hair type. You can read the original post HERE because I dunna want to go repeating meself now do a? (that last bit was written in Stoke talk, can you tell?)
Secondly we have the Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment which is part of their new BC Bonacure range (boner-cure, *snort*) apparently this range features 'evaporating technology'.... And I'm not too sure what exactly that involves. But I think the idea is to provide you with super conditioning and smoothing powers without being too weighty. I must admit when I poured this into my hand to use I was sceptical. The oil is much more of a thick goo and the colour of your pee when you've had a glass of Berocca (you knowwww what I'm talking about!). It does smooth into the hair very nicely though and I find this is best used as a blow drying treatment. It does also work that well that I've revoked my 'no heat on my hair' rule after 2 years and finally started using the hair dryer again! The result is very sleek and I've found that somehow I can go longer between washes when using this. Maybe the technology is a grease evaporator, who knows? I LOVE the bottle for this too, it's a weighty thick plastic one and just looks so wonderful, like it's good enough to drink (don't though, kids). If you shop around you can pick this up for around £10-£15 online.
And finally. The best in the trio! The Wella Luxe Oil. Oh love of my life - get in my hair. It's wonderful stuff. At first I thought it would be a bit too lightweight to even touch those split ends. But it's done the job of making my hair look and feel just so silky smooth! At nearly 20quid a pop it's not cheap but in my opinion it's worth the money! It's weird how it can make my hair feel so...light?! I can't even describe it. It smells like sweets too. This can be used the same way as the two oils above, and I find it works fantastically when I do use them like that too! However, I want to make the most of this bad boy so I'm using it before bed. Which sounds a little odd, but I find on nights particularly when I have washed my hair, a pump of this rubbed through penetrates throughout the night (oooh errr, feel like I'm writing a 50 Shades of Grey tribute book with that quote). And like I said, leaves my hair so light!? It's also brilliant when you apply it as a pre wash treatment too, just like the other two! It comes in weighty glass bottle and just feeeeeeels as splendid as it makes your hair look! You can pick this up on
So there we have it, from budget to barry big time there's 3 hair oils for your to try and buy yourself. Like I said, my hair is very dry and damaged from a few years of abuse and 3 years of avoiding the hairdressers. I must admit too, since dip dying my hair I've become so lazy with dying the roots as it's such a ball ache! So that has improved the condition slightly too. 

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  1. I've been so curious about hair oil, but the price always stops me...I think when my hair is in need of help, I will eventually try this out. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  2. Great post!

  3. i have only seen the first on in the middle in store, i might try it, or look out for the others!:)

  4. I'm such a hair oil whore, I now need to try Wella Luxe Oil too...*hides various oils in the bathroom cupboard*

  5. I am a massive hair oil lover, I need to get my hands on every one that claims it does something amazing! Think I now need the Wella Luxe Oil xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

  6. My hair is insanely frizzy & dry, so I may give one of these a go. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. I love all the GUM hair products! About 6 years ago they were sold in Superdrug and were quite pricey. But then they were discontinued and I found them only in poundland and home bargains. And now I never see them! Their heat spray and detangle spray is amazing! x

  8. I like the Gum shampoo and conditioner too - will have to look out for the hair oil! The Avon Argan hair oil is rather good too and quite often on offer x

  9. I haven't tested out any of these oils but I am a hair oil addict so will keep my eyes peeled for these 3, my fave is Argan Oil and Ojon Damage Reverse treatment.



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  10. Love theis blog, it's on my Bookmarked list.

  11. Ive never seen anyone mention these hair oils before. But the luxe oil sounds heavenly! At the moment im using argan oil and the kerastase x


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