Fresh Cheeks VS Convertible Colour

I really love the idea of cream blushers, and it's taken me quite a while to work out how to use them properly within my make up routine, but I think I finally cracked it! The problem is you see, I use a powder foundation over my liquid one because I like a matt but dewy finish. So when I come to use a cream blusher I'm never sure which order or how to put it on. But I've found now that using a flat headed/stippling brush after the foundation and blending it in is the winning technique. As you may have noticed on Twitter I've been harping on about Look Beauty having a half price sale at the moment so I thought I'd be a fool not to give their new Fresh Cheeks blusher a go. The shade I picked was called Melon, and when I got home I realised how incredibly similar in colour it was to the Stila Convertible Colour in Petunia.....
The most notable difference is obviously going to be the packaging.... The Stila Convertible Colour  comes in a really pretty plastic case with an embossed flower design on the front. It's such a cutie! It's very thin though and not particularly weighty. It comes with a mirror inside the flip up lid so it's quite handy for throwing in to your hand bag on a daily basis. The Look Beauty one is a little different but I thought, a little more special. Probably because I didn't notice that the bottom of the case was a mirror, it was a proper Barry Bonus when I'd already been swatching about with it to find the hidden treasure. I do like both of the cases though and as they're completely different it would be pretty unfair to 'judge' which one was 'better' as they're both a bit of alright in their own way.
The products themselves are very similar in colour, which is good otherwise this blog post would be a little pointless, right? The main difference in the formula is that the Look Beauty version is much more satin/matt than the Stila Convertible Colour. The Stila formula is a little more 'wet' in look and feel. I find when the Stila is applied over foundation with my finger it forms a little bit of a paste (like when Ross got his leather jeans stuck in friends, but erm, on my face and no talc or body lotion has been involved) it does apply a lot better with the aforementioned flat bristled brush though, although it can feel quite creamy until it kind of sets on your face. The Look Beauty one wins this round though as applied either with fingers or with the brush it manages to go on with no hassle. It is a little hard to transfer the colour over with the brush though as it doesn't pick up in the same way as the Stila one! I do prefer the matt finish though and it adds a really nice pinky hue to my cheeks. I've tried both as a lip colour despite only the Convertible Colour being marketed at something with a duel use. I do think neither work brilliantly on the lips as they are both fairly drying. I would say the Stila one dries my lips a little more, but the Look Beauty Fresh Cheeks is not as drying and works better over lip balm than the Stila. I think because Fresh Cheeks is more matt is works with the balm rather than the wetter formula of Stila working against it. Does this even make sense?! I'm rambling madness now. Anyway, in the swatches below they do look a little more orange than they do in real life, they're both lovely pinkish shades....
So, which one wins? Well, both products are very similar but ultimately I do prefer the Look Beauty Fresh Cheeks over all. If the matt formula and colour doesn't convince you then check out the prices: Look Beauty Fresh Cheeks retails for £5 but is currently on half price offer for £2.50. Stila Convertible Colour retails for ..... £16. Yup. You got it, £16. Now being the frugal sassy shopper I am, I'm sure you can imagine my utter dismay at having such a pricey item when one which I got for a fraciton of RRP does an equally as good, if not better job, Well no need to worry I didn't actually pay £16 for the Stila, it was one of 3 items for £7.99 from TK Maxx a few months ago. But they do still sell it in Boots in this shade for the original price. 
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  1. I like the look of the Look Beauty one better. Might have to try out the cream blusher... cream blusher virgin!

    1. They take a bit of getting used to but worth it in the end!

  2. I love the sounds if cream blushes and these look really nice but i cant imagine myself wearing cream blush the texture just does not seem right to me!:/

    1. Give one a whirl for 2.50 you can barely go wrong!

  3. looks good, i'll give it a try ^^

    *Love, Raluca*

    *New post*

    *Facebook page*

  4. Ooooo I was going to pick up the Look blush the other day but ended up with a lippie, think I may have to run back to Superdrug and get it now I've seen this. Such good value for money!



    Em’s Mixed Bag

    1. Theyre so good, stock up whilst they're half price!


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