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My hair is so rubbish sometimes. I'm trying not to use heat on it, and haven't had it cut for pushing 3 years now. It just doesn't grow, has no style as such, and on some days a bobble hat is the only thing it see's. I don't really experiment ever, apart from putting my extensions in when I'm after hairstyles for special occasions, even then though I don't do much.... But lately I have found a little trick to sort it out to look presentable in like, 3 easy steps. It's so genius, how did I not realise it sooner?! I'm not even going to type many words for this one, just let the pictures do the talking (for once). It also only involves 5 items: a brush, a clip, two rows of hair extensions, a bobble/ribbon and a spritz of glossing spray....

What? You thought my hair in the banner image was real? Oh no no my good friends, it's some super amazing Trevor Sorbie hair extensions I got a while ago from TK Maxx. I have a few pairs of them but one is enough to achieve this hair do. I really like my new trick, it conceals all the split ends and is so quick to do! Bye bye for now bobble hat....

And yeah, I got the ghd stuff as a gift by the way, I'm really pleased about that after the incident a few years ago when I was conned out of £50 for a pair of fake ghd straighteners off ebay! 

Apparently they're one of the most faked electrical items EVER, and I can spot some at ten paces now, so if you've not got them from an official dealer they're probably not the real thing, honestly. 

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  1. I hadn't had my hair cut for over a year but my boyfriend told me it was time to get it chopped - it was in such bad condition and i was so scared to have it cut because the ends were terrible & i wanted it to grow but honestly, it was the best thing i did. My hair has been in such good condition and i go for a trim every 8-12 weeks now and have a good wash & blow dry too - its growing loads and actually has life to it (and it's ombre'd too) ... worth looking into as you sound the same as what i did before i went for the chop! :) x

  2. i love this look!:)


  3. Wooaahh I thought that was your real hair! Oh how you have fooled me, loving this look xx



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