Concealer and Foundation Duo's? THE FUTURE.

With so many companies trying to come up with the next innovative beauty product to awe consumers on the high street shelves, it's always refreshing to find one out there that isn't a completely ridiculous concept. A lot of new 'innovative' products I find completely pointless and simply a novelty, but this little idea of combining concealer and foundation in one convenient package is definitely one that caught my eye. In particular the Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance and the Collection Cover & Go foundation and concealer duo's.

As you can see, both foundations follow the same idea of having a separate foundation in the main packaging with a handy little concealer and mirror in the lid of the product. The main difference is that one is in an elegant glass bottle and the other one is in a slightly less elegant plastic tube. Considering the price difference though, with the Daniel Sandler foundation weighing in at an RRP of £28 (but can be found cheaper on and the Collection one totalling a mere £5.99, it's hardly a surprise that the packaging reflects the price. The Daniel Sandler version does feel ever so much more luxurious and high end. The mirror inside the Collection Cover & Go is also very small which proves to be a little awkward to actually see in to! Both products say they contain 30ml of stuff inside, but I can't find anything which differentiates between how much actual foundation or concealer you get in each. You do seem to have a noticeably bigger amount of the Daniel Sandler concealer, but the 30g could just be referring to the amount of liquid in the products rather than including the concealer too. There's something to think about, eh. 

The formula's for each are completely different. The Collection Cover & Go is a very bog standard foundation in my opinion, it offers no moisturisation for me and doesn't really brighten my complexion in the slightest. The coverage is medium at best and the colour range is weird. I find this with all Collection Foundations though, that the colour ranges and names are never what you expect?! As with the Perfecting Minerals that I was a massive fan of before they relaunched it, the lighter shades always come in very dark and the darker shades tend to be lighter? The Daniel Sandler Foundation is a lot smoother in consistency and although applies feeling lighter on the skin, it offers a really nice and even coverage. This goes for the concealer also, where the Collection Cover & Go concealer tends to feel a bit cloggy for me, the Daniel Sandler applies so smoothly and the combination gives you a very fresh feeling and looking complexion.

Although I'm a budget beauty fan and tend to steer clear of more expensive products, I've got to say the Daniel Sandler Invisible Radiance   wins hands down on this occasion. Although the Collection Cover & Go Foundation is a lot better for carrying around in your bag and using 'on the go' it's not one I would want to use on a daily basis or in the morning for the day ahead unfortunately. I know, I know, I really am getting a taste for these expensive products nowadays aren't I? But considering how little of this foundation you actually need and the packaging design you don't waste any the product either!

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  1. Cheers for this review. I've heard really good thanks about Daniel Sandler products.

  2. I've not seen any of these duos yet - shame the Collection one doesn't live up to the higher end, no way can I afford £28 on foundation!

    Jesss xo

  3. I want to like Collection's foundations so badly because their Lasting Perfection concealer in 1 is such a perfect match for me! The shade is so light and the formula is lovely, but I cannot find a decent colour match in their foundations, they're all so dark :(


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