Floriography Hand Cream

I picked this Floriography Hand Cream up in Poundland the other day, as you know I’m not a stranger to the wondrous land of £1 bargains and often pick up some good beauty buys when I nip in, but this one is of particular note. As you know I’ve been suffering with what I’ve dubbed as ‘Zombie Hands’…. Not because I eat bwaaainnnsss with them, but because of dermatitis turning them all red, scabby and pretty much like something from a Resident Evil film (I’m sure there’s better zombie films I could have mentioned there but that’s the only one I could think of for now). Anyway, they have been really painful and my little zombie finger even swelled up a bit last week because it was becoming so irritating. I’ve used numerous products to little avail, but this £1 treasure actually seems to have helped my skin a lot in the few days I have had it!
poundland bargain

Don’t get me wrong, I have been to the doctor now and got some cream especially for my dermatitis, but being Terri Lowe means I have an awful memory and have forgotten to put in on on several occasions. I have kept this in my bag though and cracked it out in times of need. This hand cream smells so nice and contains a wonderful cocktail of ingredients to soothe my poor hands. The chamomile and verbena fragrance is really nice and a little musky, but not in a bad way, and as you can see it contains butters and oils up to ying yang to moisturse and protect your skin. It seems to be having a much more soothing effect than any of the previous hand products I’ve used thus far. It also feels like it adds a light barrier to my hands to help protect them from any adverse irritants and this horrible cold weather!

I thought it was a bit astonishing for a £1 hand cream to actually have such a good effect and be in such a fancy box, so I googled it and it turns out that the Floriography hand creams generally retail for around £10!! I assume this one is an end of line variant though as it doesn’t seem to be on general sale online, but there is also a Sweet Pea and Peony one available in Poundland that is still about on online retailers so I’m gonna go back and stock up me thinks! Obviously if you do suffer from dermatitis or other skin ailments like I do, check the ingredients and be aware of what you’re putting on your skin, just because this was wonderful for me doesn’t mean it will be for you!