Make Up Storage That ISN’T Muji Acrylic Drawers.

I really, honestly, don’t know what the appeal of clear acrylic storage is. I think it looks so messy and the fact you can see your mismatched items of make up inside would really get on my nerves. It’s also so clinical and sterile looking, it’s a no no for my personal preferences. I prefer the shabby chic approach. Being on a budget and recently moving houses means I can’t splash out as much cash as I’d like on luxurious things like… Make up storage. So I came up with my own little way of keeping my things tidy but for a cheaper price than 20-odd-quid or whatever it is on some perspex drawers that are worth about 50p! 

Ok, I suppose my wooden MOPPE drawers from Ikea do look a little tatty nowadays. I’ve had them for around 4 years and initially they stored craft and stationary items in. When I moved though I realised that it would be put to much better use as make up and beauty storage. I covered them a while ago with this fancy sticky back paper from Paperchase, it was really easy to apply and then I got half way through painting the edge duck egg blue… Then I got bored and never went back to finishing it, whoops. Either way it does a good job of keeping things inside. The good thing about these drawers from Ikea is that they come plain so you can customise them yourself to whatever design you want, either by painting them or covering with pretty paper. I use the top 3 drawers for lipsticks and foundations etc, the the middle drawer for blushers and palettes and powders and the bottom one holds all the little samples I’ve accumulated and need to use up eventually. The drawers only cost £17 and if I remember correctly you can choose which drawers you want in the holes, like mix and match the smaller and larger ones. 

One thing I hate storing is Nail Varnish. It’s too pretty to be kept tucked away in boxes and the acrylic stands everyone seems to be getting just makes me think ‘why would I want my dressing table to look like a shop’. Also with the amount I have it’d cost a bomb to buy enough stands to hold them all. Instead I’ve opted for a wire cake stand off eBay. With my nail varnish being all varying sizes it’s nice just to throw them on here without thinking about it. The cake stand cost around £10 I think when I bought it and it’s fairly large so I’d say you could fit a good 100 bottles on it altogether.

Anyway, let’s keep this short and sweet for today. It’s the Easter weekend and I’m sure we all have lots more better things to do than read blogs! …. Oh wait.  Haha. Tonight I’m going out to The Sugarmill for my friends ‘hen night’. It’s a ‘hen night’ in punctuation marks as it’s a little too spontenous to be classed as a real hen night, there’s not a dick straw in sight (thank god!). Hope you all have a nice time, and don’t eat too many eggs (save room for some delicious Marks and Spencers Chocolate Orange hot cross buns, guhhhhh).