Meteorological March Madness

Go home weather, you're drunk! The past few months have been super craycray for weather hasn't it? When was the last time it SNOWED in March? I don't think it ever has! (Although a quick google would probably prove me wrong) I can't remember it ever snowing at this time of year before though. It's been so chilly and up and down and the weather just can't seem to make it's mind up?! At the weekend I took a spontaneous trip to London and mistakenly dressed like it was going to be warmer down south than it was here in Stoke. How wrong was I?! This is the outfit I wish I wore though (and have been wearing pretty much every day since)....

dressing for winter cold weather

I've been dying to wear this Joules Tweed Gilet since CHRISTMAS time. I mistakenly bought it in size 14 at one of those Joules super sales that take place now and again. Our local one is in Keele and only comes like, once a year so I couldn't take it back! Confusing labelling and impulse buying is the death of my bank account and wardrobe. Luckily though, tweed is shrinkable. After a lot of deliberation I summoned up the guts to finally pop the kettle on and shrink it! I've managed to get it down to just about fit me (as a size 10) but there's still a little way to go around the arm/shoulders. I've taken my time though as I want it to remain tweed and not turn to felt though! I've worn it in the meantime though as it's the perfect type of garment for this weather where it's freezing outside but as soon as you're in the car for example it's super hot.

Teamed with my H&M bobble hat from the kids section and leopard print panel coat it's the perfect way to keep toasty in horrid weather. I just hope it brightens up soon though as my Barratt's boots have not been off my feet for a good 4 months now and to be honest they're not smelling too fresh any more, so please sun, for the sake of my nasal passage, please sort it out. I also want to wear this dress I got from Zara YEARS ago on it's own as it's too pretty to keep covered up!

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  1. Those Boots, the Barratts ones...I still love them so much! Wish I had got myself a pair.

    I love the dress and I'm glad you haven't turned your jacket into felt, imagine the feeling of that...shudder!

    Looking good :)

    Amy xx

    1. Definitely the best investment EVER, although they've gone kind of battered now, but at least I can say they're vintage right?

  2. I love your hair! How did you get it like that?

    Siobhan xoxo

  3. your ombre is also lookin' good, may I add!

    1. Woop! It's looking very bright lately, I refreshed it the other day :D

  4. i love it!
    si many patterns and fabrics<3

  5. Gorgeous! I love your style :) You always look adventurous but put together. Which is a compliment by the way :')



    1. Hahaha I like this!! Thank you :)

  6. Great outfit :) Love it x


Thanks for the comment!

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