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Like most girls I am forever changing my hair care routine looking for the next best thing to make my hair the ultimate shiny, sleek, super, follicle filled, sensation of joyous goodness (and also one of the perks of being a 'beauty blogger' is that you get to try a lot of hair care.) Over the past few months I've been using this little combination and it seems my hair is improving in condition by the day. I don't think some of the products are the best products I've ever used, but as part of a daily hair care routine they are certainly doing the trick to maintain my hair in a really affordable way. 

I'm a massive fan of pre shampoo treatments and love trying new ones out. I think the main reason is because they all seem to be really very good. When you use a new intensive conditioning mask you always run the risk of them not washing over properly or being too heavy on your hair, whereas with the pre shampoo treatments you know you're going to be washing it out and it does all the repairing goodness without the heavy residue. I've been using the Tiana Argan Fresh Coconut TLC Hair Treatment on and off for a few months now. Coconut Oil is my new found favourite all round treatment and I have a massive tub of bog standard pure Coconut Oil in the kitchen that I occasionally use as a skin or hair treatment too! The Tiana range is a lovely affordable range of Coconut oil based products which are all fairtrade too! This particular treatment costs £12.99 and will literally last FOREVER. I've used it so much and due to the solid formula which turns into a liquid oil in the warmth of your hands you never find yourself being too over zealous with it! I try and put pre wash treatments on over night to make sure they really nourish the hair. The second and third products I've been using aren't anything special at all. I always find Tresemme products to be really boring and not very good. I know they're cheap and everything but you can really tell. Although saying that the Keratin Restoring Shampoo isn't a complete write off as I did enjoy their conditioner, which is very rare for me to say about their ranges. When it comes to shampoo I'm not too fussy as they never seem to make a difference to my hair. The Tresseme platinum strength conditioner was actually a product I went out of my way to buy and I've gotta say I'm disappointed and as far as conditioning goes the Keratin Smooth Conditioner did a lot better job. However, it's not completely terrible and does smooth out your hair. Both are OK for daily use for my hair type anyway.

Finally, I needn't even tell you how amazing the Macadamia Oil Range is huh? The Healing Oil Spray is a new one for me, but I have been using the Macadamia Oil Treatment in a little sample size for ages and it really does seem to transform my hair somehow, but I do feel I end up using a little too much of it. With the Healing Oil Spray you tend to use a lot less and it's really easy to disperse over wet hair and brush through. You can pick this up for £14.74 over on Hair Trade  which seems to be the best website for getting all of the range below RRP at the moment! This should last forever as it's a generous 60ml. I don't think it's much different to the standard Macadamia Oil treatment and my hair really does agree with the entire range.

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  1. i wasn't arsed about the tresemme platinum strength treatment either. i don't think it made my hair smooth or any more conditioned like i'd expect, especially for the £6+ it costs. much prefer john frieda full repair masque!

    1. I didn't even realise it was that much! I bought it for £2.97 on offer and thought that was a bit steep!!

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