Little Updates….

This Easter weekend has bordered a little bit on the craycray side of the tracks it seems! From having nothing really planned, to then having an impromptu night out with Victoria, a London adventure and then off to the Lady Boys of Bangkok Gala evening on Tuesday – it’s been unexpectedly busy. Alas, the ol’ bloggeroo has taken a back seat whilst I’ve been busy having one of those ‘life’ things I keep hearing about, and with a 9-5 job which leads me to do nothing but procrastinate of an evening I’ve barely had time to even stroke the cat (which isn’t a euphemism, I do have a cat, you can see many pictures of her on Instagram *plug*username helloterrilowe). I was really pleased that some of the bloggers I invited to the Lady Boys of Bangkok gala in Derby managed to show up! It’s a bit of an awkward place, but thankfully Jess, Tereza, Hayley and Becky made it; so a massive thank you to them for coming and keep a look out on their blogs for reviews! Based on the success of that too, I may be able to host some more bloggers at further gala’s so keep an eye out on my Twitter if you’re interested in seeing the show! I took a load of pictures, but will keep them under wraps for now because if you are going to see them I don’t want to ruin some of the amazing costumes and acts that they do, so here’s a peak for now:
glamorous amorouse derby 2013

Another thing that has kept me occupied this week was my Latest in Beauty Estée Lauder box. It’s a nice little set of mini’s and came in at £14.99 with free postage and packaging over the weekend. It’s a catch 22 for me with things like this. I know it’s an expensive brand so it’s nice to be able to try it in an affordable way, BUT what happens when I fall in love with it and then have to buy the REAL thing?? I can’t win! But I couldn’t leave it where it was, all lonely in a warehouse somewhere and such…..*cough* Anyway, I do have a lot of love for Latest in Beauty in general, their beauty boxes are some of the best and it’s always reassuring to be able to see what’s inside before you purchase it! Unlike Glossy Box and other similar concepts, you don’t sign up for subscriptions and you can just buy whatever takes your fancy, when you fancy! 

beauty box latest in beauty

I will probably do a full review of the Estee Lauder box when I’ve used some of the precious tiny pots of goodness….. I have just so much I wanna get published!! It was Friday night that I went out with Victoria and we donned the bunny ears as it was my friends kind of last minute hen night. It was a good evening, and I feel this was the best Kodak moment that was captured…

And because I’m so good, here’s a little teaser of what’s to come when I get back in to the swing of things….

This includes a new awesome lip balm I have discovered (and other products with a ‘core’ which I’m currently penning a witty title for), some MUA things (despite my utter disdain for that brand!), the fancy new L’oreal Mousse Absolue  re-usable hair dye (which will probably be first on the list actually!!) and some European goodness I seem to have acquired of late. Hope you all had a killer Easter (not literally) and ate so many chocolate bunnies you’re pooping chocolate droppings!