Retro Sexism and Weirdness

I was browsing a website called Retronaut the other day, and found a few images that made me do a little chuckle at how advertisements and erm, life, used to be. I felt a little compelled to share with you some of the highlights that made me smile the most, including these first ones which are out takes from a booklet in the 1930’s entitled ‘Tips for Single Women’. Some of the images and ‘tips’ are so weird and wonderful that at first I assumed it was some kind of spoof, but no, they’re real…..

Imagine if it came out now? That ‘Everyday Sexism’ twitter account would be having a merry field day! I don’t even have any words to describe the next two images…. (They speak for themselves).

Then we have every girls dream, a designer wedding dress by Yves Saint Laurent. Because nothing makes you feel as special as looking like a giant tampon looks.
Lip prints on anything usually makes me cringe and feel a bit sick, but the ‘lip tester’ image from 1948 made me laugh. The ‘Ole Cucumber’ a particular highlight….

And finally, WARM DR PEPPER? Why do they not advertise this now?! Why have I never thought of it before?!
Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. There’s more lulz on the if you wanna head over there. On a side note, you may have noticed that I’m not posting as many beauty reviews lately. There’s no particular reason, apart from it’s becoming a little stale and I haven’t got anything new that I particularly want to shout from the rooftops! I hope you like the change of pace, and if not – well, tough.