Screw Beauty Tags, Let’s Have a Music One.

I got sent these headphones from Phones4u the other day and was trying to come with ways to do a blog post to showcase them in a bit of a different way. I was going to do an outfit of the day style one, but apart from popping on my new gym outfit I was at a loss, and I don’t think that would have been too interesting at all! I’ve seen tons of ‘beauty’ related question tags flying around so I thought I’d take that little idea and turn it into a music related one instead. Please feel free to nab it and tag someone yourself to break up all those nail varnish and make up reviews, and don’t forget to send me the link so I can have a nosey too! I always love discovering new music and seeing what everyone else listens too at the same time, I’m just a nosey Nancy like that I guess. 

1. What are your 5 favourite songs right now? 

I always go through stages of being addicted to songs, where I just can’t stop listening to them over and over again! At the moment I am absolutely loving Alt J – Something Good and Breezeblocks, they are my favourite the album (I can’t stand Matilda, everyone seems to really like that song though?!). The other 3 songs I can’t stop listening to right now are: The National – Conversation 16, Nicki Minaj – Va Va Voom and Matt & Kim – Lessons Learned  

2. Who are your favourite bands of all time?

According to Last.FM my top 10 artists EVER (since 2005!) Are:

1. Pixies

2. The Smiths

3. Interpol

4. Murder By Death

5. Modest Mouse

6. At The Drive In

7. Le Tigre

8. Cursive

9. M83

10. Tilly and The Wall

3. What is the most played song in your iTunes? 

Pixies – Debaser! This was also my ringtone for about 5 years, you know a song is awesome when even Terri Lowe doesn’t get bored of it.

4. What was the last album you bought? 

The last album I physically bought from an actual shop was Forever Changes by Love (with Arthur Lee). It’s a pretty rad folky rock band from the 60’s. It’s one of the only album’s I don’t skip tracks on and I love the lyrics to some of the songs, how it’s all floaty folk rock with some really dark lines. The last album I downloaded was Alt J An Awesome Wave.

5. What song can you not get out of your head?  

The Wham Rap.

6. What was the last single you downloaded?  

I don’t really download any music, but the last single of note in my life was the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s new one Sacrilege.  It’s not even that great but it’s a little catchy, and I’ve no idea what’s going on in the video apart from Lily Cole is in some kind of turmoil, shame it’s not Keira Knightley instead though. 

7. What is your favourite band right now?

I keep thinking about Voxtrot. I wouldn’t say they’re my favourite band right now though, it’s just this weird time of year where the sun is trying to shine and Voxtrot are the ultimate sunshine band.

8. What is your favourite type of music? 

I like a lot of different kinds of music. I don’t like to pigeon hole in to one particular genre. I don’t like genre snobs. Like, a guy I used to go to uni with absolutely slagged off anything that wasn’t metal and wouldn’t design anything that didn’t fit into this faux persona, everything had to have skulls on, and anything that wasn’t ‘rock’ wasn’t cool…. I don’t mind people having their own thing, but when that means you belittle anyone who doesn’t like the same type of music as you do and segregate yourself just to be edgy it’s a little bit sad. I’d also had shits that were more metal than he was. The best line was when I was listening to Slipknot and he said ”You don’t look like the type that would listen to Slipknot” I could not have been more relieved. I’m a music fan, that means I like music, not the pseudo lifestyle that goes with the particular styles I want to shoe horn myself in to. (wow, that was a little ranty, huh?)

9. In your 25 Most Played list, what is #10? 

Interpol – Obstacle 1

10. What was the first gig you ever went to? 

Deftones! In 2003 I think!

11. What was the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Kanye West!!! At The Big Chill Festival 2 years ago. I wasn’t a big Kanye fan before seeing him, but The Big Chill has been my favourite festival ever and it made me fall in love with Kanye. I did see him with Jay Z on the Watch The Throne tour and it just wasn’t as good. There were no ballet dances for Christ’s sake! Also 2 Many DJ’s at The Big Chill and Leeds Festival were the bomb. I just love 2  Many DJ’s a little bit too much  in general though though.

12. And finally, if there was one band/album/song you would recommend everyone listening to RIGHT NOW, what would it be?

Probably the Juno Soundtrack actually! It’s a nice light mix and has Belle and Sebastian on, so you can’t go wrong.

And I tagggg Charl at GingerGirlSays to be the next to do this little taggy quiz thing… I know her answers will be painfully different to mine! Oh and if you’re on Last.FM be sure to add me!