Stressy Bessy

As I mentioned in the post about my dermatitis, it was apparently being caused (according to the ol’ doctor) by stress, when this post landed in my inbox to publish it was like they read my mind (or the blog post) and thought I could do with some tips on how to chill my beanz. If chocolate, wine and spa days are gonna sort out my zombie hands I’m in! 

If these tips don’t work, well here’s what you probably feel like on the inside (in cat form) so it’s not too bad after all….

Chocolate, Red Wine and Spas as part of your Healthy Lifestyle
As far as a healthy lifestyle goes, it can be pretty hard to stay shipshape when a busy life and
a high pressure job exhaust your mental resources. However, it has been repeated over and
over again that it’s important to take care of your health and limit your stress levels.
In recent years there has been an increase in the number of options available to those
conscious of their health, but, as the market for a healthy lifestyle increases it can sometimes
get a bit overwhelming. This is most seen when visiting a health food shop laden with a
million different variations of the same food type, the choice can be overwhelming.
In case you didn’t know, April is Stress Awareness Month, so here we hope to give you three
quick tips that will make you healthy lifestyle choices easier, and on top of that, are all quite
First up we have the ever so debated chocolate and its apparent health benefits. There have
been a number of studies looking at the benefits of consuming chocolate and one of the most
comprehensive research papers has to be from the Journal of Proteome Research. The study
concludes that:
“The daily consumption of dark chocolate resulted in a significant modification of
the metabolism of healthy and free living human volunteers with potential long-term
consequences on human health within only 2 weeks treatment. This was observable through
the reduction of levels of stress-associated hormones and normalization of the systemic stress
metabolic signatures.”
(François-Pierre J. Martin et al)
It would thus seem that there is a negative correlation between stress levels and chocolate
consumption, which is awesome for chocolate lovers as long as dark chocolate is your
temptation. Of course, these benefits do not have such an impact when over-consumed;
eating dark chocolate within moderation is the key here to good health.
Red Wine
Red wine has for a long time been seen as a health-fuelled alcoholic drink, all the way back
to the Egyptians, where it has been cited as a medicinal product. Although, an appeal to
tradition is not proof of its actual health benefits, but recent studies have shown that it there
are stress reducing benefits to be had from enjoying a glass of your favourite. According to
Paul E. Szmitko and Subodh Verma of the American Heart Association
“The regular drinking of red wine has been suggested as the explanation for the ‘French
paradox,’ the relatively low incidence of coronary atherosclerosis in France as compared with
other Western countries, despite the generally high intake of saturated fat in the French diet.”
The research suggests another negative correlation, this time between red wine consumption
and coronary atherosclerosis – the clogging of the arteries, which is a bonus for those who
regularly enjoy a glass of red. On top of red wine’s main health benefits it has also been said,
by Kirstin Hendrickson, to have “important health-promoting qualities intrinsic in its ability
to reduce stress and produce feelings of relaxation.” So along with reducing your chances of
coronary atherosclerosis, red wine is also a great way to get rid of some built-up stress. Like
chocolate, this isn’t an excuse to over consume red wine – be sure to always enjoy alcohol in
The final easy-to-control treat for limiting stress levels and increasing your health are day
spas. Studies have shown, according to WebMD, the stress relieving benefits of a spa can:
“[…] translate into better health. In one study of more than 3,300 Japanese government
workers, frequency of spa use was linked to better physical and mental health, including
better quality sleep and fewer sick days.”
(Colette Bouchez)
This research, suggesting an overall healthier lifestyle to those who frequently enjoy spas,
is great news for those wishing to improve their overall stress levels and sleeping patterns.
There are numerous spas days available across the country, and in most cities, so when your
busy lifestyle maybe getting you down, consider the spa and enjoy a day of being pampered.
Through a number of studies we have discussed three easy to do things that can kickstart your
healthy lifestyle and reduce that stress. So be it a little bit of chocolate as your next snack, a
glass of wine in the evening or a day spa on the weekend, there is an option for everyone to
get a health kick and balance those stress levels.

*In case you didn’t guess, this is a sponsored post, let’s just say the little addition to my bank account to pay my council tax has reduced my stress levels around 30% this month at least.