Zombie Squirrels

Despite having an actual degree in Crafts it’s not often I blog about my DIY adventures, I should really do more as I did specialise in Jewellery, but with lack of time and a workshop it’s hard to find motivation! I am aiming to blog more craft related posts though, as it’s something I want to rediscover my enthusiasm for, and what better way to introduce you to my skills than sharing my latest hand crafted design… *insert lol*. To explain, the other day it was my manager at work’s birthday and we have an ongoing joke about Bad Taxidermy and really really wanting some in our lives. I say it’s a joke but I couldn’t be more serious, the things I’d do for a badly stuffed fox! I admit this present was a spur of the moment decision but as you can see, I executed it very well….I present to you ‘Zombie Squirrels’!

As I’m sure you can imagine, he loved them a lot, and they’re now pride of place in his kitchen (I know right, I would have put them at least in the living room so I could admire them all evening!). As you may know I’ve only worked for my company since Christmas, so yes, I did get a few strange looks and I don’t think this helped with my reputation of being slightly odd. However, I’ve already had an order for some after tweeting about them, which was unexpected at the time but reflecting back I’m not surprised, I might create some more to keep! Do you fancy your own Zombie Wildlife? Give me a shout I’m sure we can come to some arrangement….. Expect a few more crafty posts in the near future as like I said, I wanna get crack-a-lacking with things again! If there’s any tutorials about jewellery designing you’d like to see too send suggestions! I’m highly skilled you know….