Bubble Brain

It’s that time of year where I get sucked in to energy drinks and all the fancy pants flavours they seem to release each warm season. Not one to ever pass up a new flavour sensation, I spotted the new ‘Rockstar Supersours’ in Asda for a quid each and thought ‘WHEN IN ROME’ (or Asda) I should pop two in my basket. They only had two flavours on the shelves which were ‘Green Apple’ and ‘Bubbleburst’ and I think this is all that they have in the supersours range, so I got them both and put them to the test. Oh the things I do to blog about. My poor teeth and heart rate eh…

I drink so much coffee at work and need that little kick up the ass in the mornings to get me going, but with the warmer weather setting in I just don’t feel like hot drinks a lot of the time. So energy drinks are a nice change now and again. I know they’re not a popular choice because let’s face it, if you drank one or two of these beasts every day your insides would probably rot. But now and again they’re a nice treat. I really don’t like the original energy drink flavour like Red Bull, so that’s why I like the Rockstar and Relentless ranges as they step away from that horrid syrupy taste and smell. They come in a pretty generous can and by the time I get half way down one I can feel my brain going all ‘woo’ but it’s alright to keep on your desk and sip through out the day as they don’t tend to go flat too quickly.
The Bubbleburst flavour wasn’t really all that sour at all, which was a nice contrast the the Green Apple one which I found quite acidic. but still a nice over all flavour. Bubbleburst reminds me of those blue and pink fizzy bottles you used to get in a penny mixture back int’day and I found the taste very tasty indeed and have bought a few more cans whilst it’s on offer because above all it’s quite a different flavour to most drinks out there and really very nice. the Green Apple one I don’t think I’ll be buying again as like I said it’s way to acidic and you can kind of feel it sitting in your belly after you’ve gulped some. The taste of the Green Apple is kind of like Fizzy Chewits (anyone remember them?) which kind of does make you pull a ‘sucking lemons’ face. I do find the Rockstar energy drinks a lot more flavoursome than Relentless in general although they do come with that cringeworthy brand name.