Milky Matcha

I know I'm very close to the deadline here, but TeaPigs are currently celebrating Matcha May! If you've read my blog for a while you'll have seen me feature this little green miracle powder before, including a recipe on how to make deliciously sickly truffles with the stuff. When Tea Pigs sent me a small sample of their Matcha Green Tea Powder I wanted to try it in a slightly different way. I've been through all the drinks and recipes I can think of, but then I remembered I had some delicious Almond Milk in the fridge and whipped up a Milky Matcha storm in a cup!

If you're not familiar with Matcha, then a quick overview would be that it's a fancy type of green tea. It's 100% green tea leaf with nothing else added, which is it great source of antioxidants which also can help to boost your metabolism whilst raising your energy levels slowly but surely throughout the day. It's also pretty tasty. The one thing you definitely need to invest in if you're giving Matcha a go is a 'whizzy wig'... I don't know their technical name, but it's one of those tiny hand held electronic whisks. I picked mine up from Ikea for something like 99p and it definitely makes a difference. Before I thought I could get away with just stirring it in, but you kind of can't. The powder doesn't seem to like dissolving in water too much so I used to end up with little bits in the bottom, but the whizzy wig sorts that out no end.

As I said, I've tried Matcha in a number of ways before, but I gotta say the new Almond Milk combination is the best yet! Not only is Almond Milk totally delicious on it's own, but it's also so much 'better' than regular milk. It's literally half the calories per 100ml than Semi Skimmed and also contains loads of vitamins and minerals (well, the Alpro one does anyway). I just heated the milk in a pan like regular milk then added a bit of the Tea Pigs Matcha in when it was poured in to the cup. Then whizzy wig did his job and I ended up with a delicious, frothy Matcha beverage. I drank half of it warm and it was yummy, and then popped the rest in the fridge and had it cold - both were equally as tasty.

I didn't add too much Matcha to the combination as I couldn't have been too certain about how it would end up, so the drink didn't go too green, but when you use the right amount Matcha does turn anything in to the most amazing shade of green my eyes have ever seen (green does so happen to be my favourite colour you see).

Let's not beat around the bush - Matcha IS pretty expensive. And it retails in the Tea Pigs Website for up to £50(!!) a box, BUT you will be pleased to know they do sell a sample sachet for £2, so well worth trying out. Matcha can be used in so many things, I once had it in Orange Juice and it was most delicious. What's your favourite way to have Matcha?

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  1. It looks soooo yummy with all that froth :-P
    I love green tea and I must absolutely find matcha and try it!!!!
    Have a nice day

    1. If you love green tea you will definitely like matcha!

  2. I bought the £25 tub... it's nice but oh lord, going to have to buy it from Amazon! xx

  3. Mix matcha powder in partially melted vaniila ice cream and stick the tub back in the freezer. Instant green tea ice cream! Or sprinkle matcha over scooped ice cream. Whatever tickles you fancy!


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