Perfect Weather For It, Eh?

Ah, what better beverage to get down ya in this lovely weather we’re having than a nice refreshing… HOT CHOCOLATE (or as I like to call it – Ho CHO). Yes, I really do pick my moments to blog about such things don’t I? But I had this last night after a swift gym session and it was pretty darn delicious so I thought I’d share it! I’ve had ‘Butterscoth Bob’ in my cupboard since Easter and I spotted it hiding away in there when I was routing out my carton of long life milk (I heard milk was a good post gym drink you see and I always have one ‘in stock’ for emergencies). Anyway, I popped a mug of milk in to the microwave to heat up and unwrapped this lovely little dunky spoon.
I have got another one which is Gingerbread flavour, but fancied butterscotch if only for the precious nougat of fudge which lay upon it. I got them both from the farm shop Brown and Green which is at Stoke on Trent’s very own ‘Sylvanian Families’ get away; Trentham Gardens. They had absolutely tonnes of flavours and for some reason, despite the excellent offer they had on I restricted myself to only two. Anyway once your milk is warmed up to a sufficient temperature you simply stir the dunky spoon in (and take sneaky licks in between the melty goodness) until it disappears and you’re just left with a stick.
It was very very tasty, but I must say I was maybe a bit over zealous making it disappear in a pint mug of milk…. (the mug is Emma Bridgewater by the way because I’m really fancy like that) Once the chocolate had melted into the milk it was still a really pale milky colour, so next time I’d probably go for a much smaller cup. But nevertheless, my pint of milk with a hint of Butterscotch Bob certainly was yummy. If you ever do find yourself in Stoke on Trent make sure you head to both Trentham Gardens and Emma Bridgewater as you can pick up a few bargains from both if you go on the right days and look in the right places!