Sunshine Stars

The bank holiday weekend was certainly a bit of a change wasn’t it? The sun decided to treat us to it’s presence, which would of been nice if it wasn’t on the day I decided drinking gin the evening before was a great idea…. Hence this being a pseudo outfit post as I was feeling a little worse for wear to say the least when I plotted this blog post, and didn’t really feel like prancing around in front of the camera (Victoria can vouch for this)… Anyway, in my decrepit state I thought I’d rearrange what I carry around in my handbag for when I eventually head in to the great outdoors and also share these super sandals from Clarks that I’ve been sent as part of the ‘Free Your Feet’ campaign. 

So first things first – as you know I am a big fan of Clarks shoes, even though they’re a little pricey they are definitely investment pieces for me. When I was sent these rather ‘grown up’ looking sandals from their latest summer range I did think they were a bit too grown up for me. When I started wearing them with different things though I realised how versatile they are! They go with everything really as silver is a surprisingly neutral shade. They’e perfect for work as they have a totally comfy sole with a kind of moulded padded cushion inside. I really dislike sandals from Primark and the like as they just have that plain flat bottom to them and they are just no good for your feet and also give me an abundance of blisters. There bad boys however, are comfortable and just all round a completely better make. I do seem to have very long toes though and the style of these sandals does seem to accentuate their longness in a most peculiar way. I wonder if there are any benefits to have ridiculously long toes?  Feet are never the most attractive asset to feature on your blog (unless you’re in to that kind of thing) but here’s my feets being freed in the spirit of the summer! The sandals themselves go so well with all those half price trousers I went mad on at H&M the other week, but when the sun is out there is no outfit I love more than my purple maxi skirt. I’m so glad I bought it last year!! 

Other things I have added to my summer ‘handbagdrobe’ (get it? like wardrobe but in my handbag) are pictured below. I am absolutely in love with this Illamasqua Nail Varnish from their Paranormal Collection in the shade Séance, it’s a gorgeous shade of purple which just so happens to match my skirt perfectly. These nail varnishes are seriously impressive with lack of chipping and I’m even a little frustrated that they’re so good I can’t peel them off! I’ll do another blog post featuring these on their own soon. My new favourite lip balm is the Palmers Dark Cherry and Chocolate one as it gives a hint of colour whilst smelling and tasting super nice, and my scent of choice this season is the Body Shop Shea Eau De Toilette – it’s so creamy!! Another essential is my new discovery of sun protection in the form of the Susan Posnick Family Brush on Block. This is a handy little vessel which contains a powder sunscreen in SPF30, a bit like a foundation but with a colour to suit most skin tones, you simply brush it on and don’t get flies stuck to your face like when you use a sticky sunscreen. The only trouble I found with this is that the colour matches my skin so well I can’t quite tell where I have and haven’t put it on, it retails for around £23, but when you consider the cost of some sunscreens it’s not too bad. You will also notice in the top picture my Orla Kiely style flask from Home Bargains. I love the colours and style of it! It was only £1.25 too and perfect for just carrying a drink around.

I think I’ve rambled enough for one post! I just have so much to write about and say and so little time to do it. Especially now my laptop is on it’s last legs and my internet is so frustratingly slow, I’m blogging in my lunch break for the foreseeable future! Hope you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend, I’m still recovering.