Super Simple Wall Art DIY

Oh walls, they’re kind of useful aren’t they? Keeping your dwellings all secure and separating rooms and what not. But walls can be a bit boring can’t they? Especially when you rent and you don’t want to waste money on precious wallpaper or fancy pants paint that you can’t take with you when you inevitably move. One thing making my walls a bit more exciting is jazzing them up with irregular sized pictures, frames and canvases. I’ve managed to do this all on the cheap so far by being savvy and re-using old frames, painting them up and popping some pictures I already had in or just printing pretty images out to put in, and quick win things like that. But sometimes we have to be a little extra crafty (when we’re super super bored that is) and make pretty wall objects by utilising what we have ‘in stock’ (we all have an abundance of blank canvases from ‘The Works’ spare right?).
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Heart Canvas DIY

For this super simple Vintage Style Heart Canvas DIY you don’t even need glue. Just a blank canvas, a needle and thread, scissors, a map or image and some….coffee. We all did that thing in school where we made a letter look old by ‘tea bagging’ it? Well, I think coffee works a bit better for this as you can splatter some grains across and make it look a little more weathered. Oh, and the smell of coffee is always a bit of a bonus isn’t it?  You don’t need to take great care when splashing the coffee on the canvas, I just used some kitchen roll and it took around 3 seconds. Let it dry on a radiator for around half an hour and you’re good to go.  The next step is finding a pretty image, for this occasion I have used a photocopy of a map found in a book called ‘London History in Maps’   from The British Library, which contained a whole host of mappy fodder to steal, simply choose one you like and cut it in to a heart shape (or whatever crazy shape you fancy).

Instead of glueing the paper on to the canvas I thought it would be a nice touch to sew it on instead. To make that part a little easier I placed the heart on the canvas and simply stabbed my way around until I’d made enough holes to go from start to finish, making sure they were close enough to look hold it in place but far enough to part to look all pretty and such. Just sew around with some thread and tie it in a knot when you reach the end.
And I dare to say you are done! That’s about as simple as it gets for DIY Wall Art really. From start to finish you’re looking at forking out around £2 for the canvas, but that depends on the size you want, and then a few pence for a photocopy! I imagine everyone has coffee and a needle and thread somewhere at home?! I mean, I don’t even have an iron and I had them!

I was thinking this would be a cute present for a wedding or anniversary too, as you could find out where the couple first met and make them a big one with a pretty map of the city or something? It would pretty cheap and unique anyway! What do you think of my ‘DIY’ posts anyway? Like my beauty and food posts I want to keep them foolproof, simple and cost effective. 

*The London Maps book was a PR gift from the British Library who apparently do ‘networking events’ as well as a super awesome range of books.