Tasty Treats From Ikea

It totally sucks that Stoke on Trent doesn’t have an Ikea. Our closest one is in Wednesbury which takes a good 50 minutes at least to get to! The other day when I picked up those  Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses from the TK Maxx there, I also popped across to the Ikea. I bought a few housey bits that I will include in a home tour blog post at some point in my life, but for now I will show you the food items I bagged when I was there. I LOVE all kinds of food and live by the motto ‘you’ve got to try everything twice’ because you can never tell if you REALLY like something on the first try, so the second try is just to make sure. When it comes to Ikea there are several things I adore: Meatballs at the start, perusing the children’s section for little toys for kitty, having a hot dog and a coffee on the way out and visiting the Swedish Food section too – which now has a pick n’ mix bit! (which I unfortunately didn’t get any of). Anywho, this what I got this time round:
Ikea Swedish Supermarket Food.

It does appear to be a little bit of a dull selection doesn’t it? But let me tell you – that mustard for one is the best condiment EVER and everything is so cheap. The crispy onion bits retail for like, £2 in Tesco but in Ikea there only 70p! It’s good to see that Ikea are making a bit more of an effort with their Swedish supermarket range, as they used to stock brands like Daim and Kopperburg but stopped in favour of their own brand stuff (some of which wasn’t very exciting at all). The Chocolate Spread has butterscotch pieces in so it literally like eating liquid Daim bars – it’s amazing. To make it a little healthier I’ve been dipping apple slices in it which is totally delicious. I suppose the ‘weirdest’ things I got on this trip were the ‘Vilt Snacks’ which are smoked and dried sausages with pork and ELK meat in, and also the ‘Tangkorn’ Seaweed stuff, which is like the consistency of caviar. The most expensive thing was the chocolate spread which was £1.70, so you can kind of gauge the price of the rest of my haul.
I’m looking forward to adding the onion bits to salads, the seaweed stuff to ritz crackers with philidephia on (taste sensation right there) and the little sausages fried off and added to pasta sauces and super noodles (my diet is a little colourful at times) but  I love combining flavours and textures like that! It’s a shame you can’t buy Ikea food online really as I’d probably shop there every week.