A Dupe of Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream?

Nah, it’s definitely not. But but the Pro Formula Radiance BB Cream I found in Tesco the other day for £5 is a pretty nice product. I did initially buy it as it boasted a green tea and vitamin complex and the entire range drew me in with it’s affordable prices and sleek packaging. I was going to leave this on the shelf, but after sneakily opening the packaging and swatching it on my hand to find the colour was a really nice match for my skin tone, I made the investment. Being hypo-allergenic with SPF15 I thought if worst comes to the worst it can just be a base for my regular foundation or would come in handy for the gym. So I trotted to the checkout and winged it through….
Tesco Pro Formula BB Cream, a dupe for Ginvera Green Tea BB? www.helloterrilowe.com

The formula itself is slightly thicker and creamier than the Ginvera BB Cream and the tone is more, ermmm fleshy? If you’ve tried Ginvera BB Cream you’ll notice it’s very runny and boarders slightly on the greyish side, but when you use it it’s very much a one shade fits most colour. It’s really very good and the coverage is amazing for how little you need to use. The Pro Formula BB Cream is  no where near as good coverage wise though. In fact, the only similarity on the surface is that both products boast that they have Green Tea extracts in the formula. Saying this though, the Pro Formula is by no means a bad product, it gives a lovely dewy glow to your face. If you’ve used the Garnier BB Cream before then you could liken the finish this creates to that actually. Apart from the Pro Formula colour is a lot less orange and more suited to pale skin tones. In fact, this is probably one of the better UK BB creams I’ve tried in terms of formula and colour match. 

Tesco Pro Formula BB Cream, a dupe for Ginvera Green Tea BB? www.helloterrilowe.com
So, to sum it up, the comparison isn’t really debatable. Whereas the Pro Formula BB Cream is good for the super low price and will come in handy for many reasons, the Ginvera BB Cream still remains the favourite and if you’re after coverage and a lovely complexion it’s a winner in my eyes. But then again, what would you expect when Ginvera weighs in at £18 a tube and the Pro Formula is £5?! I have been using the Pro Formula daily, with concealer, and seal with with Look Beauty Mattify Me Powder (which by the way is the best powder ever). If my skin tone/condition was better I would have no qualms over using this on it’s own though. But I am Spoticus!!  The Pro Formula range is very appealing though, and if you have a look at some of the products on offer you’ll probably find something awesome you’d like! 

Buy Ginvera BB Cream from the Janiro wesbite here

Buy Pro Formula BB Cream from your local Tesco for £5 and you can find it in the skincare aisle!