Fathers Day Suggestions

I know not all father’s are like mine, hell, I’d be pretty concerned if they were! But if you have a dad that’s slightly obsessed with erm, sunglasses, watches and the 80’s (which mine just so happens to be) then you might wanna take a gander at my Father Day Gift idea’s below. He’s constantly boring me with his trivia knowledge and forever dropping in current references to times gone by, for example Flight of the Conchords is one of his favourite shows just because of the references to classic pop culture in it, and the fact it’s an amazing programme, obviously. I also like to give my dad presents that get on my mum’s nerves (just for fun) that’s why the Starsky and Hutch box set is pretty much the perfect present for this in my parents household, she’s still cursing thanking me for lending him the Tommy DVD that time… 

My dad also has a unhealthy obsession with sunglasses. He matches these sunglasses to his collection of watches…. I know right. Red Hot Sunglasses has an awesome collection of ‘dad’ sunglasses including the Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses, which are perfect for a present, as the one’s he likes to choose himself make him look like he’ll get bought in for questioning as part of a BBC scandal… Is it ok to say that? I’m not even sure about my own humour sometimes. He got a Fossil Watch like the one pictured at Christmas off my brother, who like’s to act all Barry Big Time when it comes to outshining my presents, which are usually some CD’s, once again to annoy mother. David Bowie is always a safe option if your dad’s in his mid 40’s…. The Human League might be a touch too niche, unless you know for a fact your dad is a sucker for the New Romantic trend.