Bits and Bobs – Food & Drink Edition

The title of this post just sends the theme tune from ‘Bitsa’ running through my head…With strings and things and loo rolls and glue – you can do whatever you want to do! Your blank face speaks volumes from behind your computer screen, I know. Anyway, here’s a few tasty treats I thought I’d share after that satirical update  the other day…. 

I always say I’ll update with food and drink more, but end up getting side tracked. I absolutely love trying new things, the only food I won’t eat is mushrooms and wasabi! Those two things are the DEVIL. You’ve gotta try everything twice in my opinion, just in case. I saw the new Innocent Noodle Pot’s on Twitter the other day and they looked like tasty business to me, in Tesco they’re on an introductory offer of £2.99 which isn’t too bad for a meal in a pot. I chose the Malaysian Rendang one as Rendang is absolutely delicious (especially beef ones!) but this one was just veg and noodles. I really love anything which is coconut and creamy with spice, but I have to say this was a little disappointing. It had some really nice elements like crunchyness in the vegetables and the noodles made it very filling, but it ended up being over all a little bland for what it was mean to be. I was also expecting for some reason for it to be more of a soup? I don’t know how I got that in to my head, but don’t expect that, they’re like the regular Innocent Veg Pots but with noodles in. 

I’ve been all about the blogger cliché’s recently and tea is one of those I often divulge in. My tea collection is one to put the PG Tips warehouse to shame. I always buy them and then drink a few and forget about them. The past few weeks though I have not stopped drinking the Higher Living Green Chai Tea*. I’m not the biggest fan of green tea, it tastes OK, but often breaks me out in spots if I have too much because of the antioxidants! Yes, my body hates me. But this one is a nice Chai spice flavour, which is my favourite kind of tea, ever. Especially Chai Tea Lattes. Yum. On the Higher Living Tea Website they have all kinds of tips and recipes, including a freakin’ delicious looking Kiwi and Green Tea smoothie recipe I pretty much NEED to have in my life. For £1.99 a box you can’t go wrong and they have an impressive range of flavours!

Finally, cider. Mmmm Cider. I got this Briska cider* a while ago. It’s the Pomegranate Flavour, which is something a little different from the regular. It’s quite nice, but nothing too special. Especially if you’ve tried the Mango and Passionfruit Rekordelig which is the most fruity and tasty flavoured cider I’ve ever had! But if you have’t had that consider this very tasty. It’s a rather delicate flavour with just the right amount of ‘crisp’… If you get what I mean? Some ciders, like Magners, I find taste almost ‘meaty’ as they’re a little muggy and heavy. But this ticks the box with being a nice refreshing cider which isn’t sickly like some flavoured ones can be.