Insert Edgy Lyric Here

So yah, like I was basically, literally just sitting around my home doing some totally edgy activities, like drawing on my like eyebrows and shit, and then I was literally inspired by like, tumblr and blogs and wanted to totally rock some looks that all the other bloggers do. I couldn’t like help but literally get my camera out and basically take some really edgy shots of me being totally casual and like.. You know? Stuff? I’m so inspired by just like, quotes and blogs, and other edgy things, like pretty pictures with total emosh lyrics from emo bands I used to listen to when MySpace was like cool. Remember Myspace? And emo? Probably not, because you are like so young and basically need to get your own thing right? But don’t like get on the whole floral crown thing, because I basically started that trend yeah? And I wear mine all the time out to casual places, like this well underground club you’ve probably like, never heard of.

So yeah, like, I was literally just like sitting around, listening to Dashboard… What? You’ve never heard of Dashboard? Ohemgee. And yeah the lyrics just made me really emosh so I took some pictures of all my emotions. Then, I like remembered I had this lipstick which was a totes amaze shade, it’s totes edgy. I remembered people who like, read my blog really like when I wear lipstick, it’s like they’re wearing it when they see it swatched on my hands (totes a like, real blogger trademark yeah) I felt totes guilty though because I like, opened the packaging before I took a picture of my lipstick in every angle and lighting possible. So like please please please forgive me because I like know I’m not a real blogger if I took a pic of a beauty product which has been used. I’m like omg just emosh about letting you all down like that. And yeah like, I totes am not pouting in any of my pics, my lips are just naturally that full and nice yeah. Don’t be jels.
Just after I put my lipstick on I like glanced in the mirror and totally noticed how literally good I looked. So I basically got my boyfriend, like I mean, tripod… No wait not even tripod, it was like my bookshelf with all my totes indie books in, that I put my camera on top with self timer on. Yeah I know, it’s so hard to look natural in images, I just literally took these shots so I really like, apologise is basically you think I don’t look good in them. My thighs are totally too close together and I know some people vomit in their mouths when thighs touch because you’re basically not a real woman if you have like, thighs. Oh my god I can’t believe how like, casual I am.
It was literally weird that my camera caught like, all my emotions and also made me look like, totes slim. oh my god what’s that on the floor? Oh my god, literally basically just saw my own feet. Wow. Anyway, I was so not going to put my pics online because nobody like basically understands how beautiful I am online, and like basically in real life I look so different and the camera just doesn’t get me, and how my floral crown is just basically so edgy and shit. I was also like, having a cup of tea when I was taking this pics too because basically if you don’t like tea you can’t be a blogger. And if you don’t like cat’s. ew. Like basically what is wrong with you?

Anyway, soz for the totally basic update, standard. I just got so busy because I’m shopping on ASOS and looking at all the totally cool vintage sections and I really want some new studded boots and disco pants like.  But I need to go re-ombre my hair because my dip dye is totes what makes me me. Y’know? I’m a unique celeb blogger yah. Need to go the post office, like omg my post man hates me, I get so many gifts from PR’s I just don’t like have time for this you know. Oh watch this space ’cause I’m going to do some festival fash posts and I’m totally getting VIP for some like basically amaze fests this year cuz I’m just the edgy type of like character everyone like wants representing their brands.