Orla Kiely x UNIQLO Collection

I blogged about the Orla Kiely x UNIQLO collection months ago when the range first came out, but I decided to revisit it again today after realising that these dresses are just perfect for the weather at the moment. Coming in a lovely jersey material with a 3/4 length sleeve, they're perfect for those days where it's a little bit humid and rainy, as you're still covered up yet the fabric allows you to keep cool. I may have gone a little over the top when I purchased my own little range from the collection - of the same dress in 3 different patterns, whoops! At least I'm keeping UNIQLO in business huh, although I'm not too sure the weird stance I've adopted in the images below really 'sell' the range to anyone else haha.

Orla Kieley x UNIQLO dress collection

My favourite is definitely the first pattern which is a bold leaf design for sunnyish but wet days, with the brown one in the centre being a lot more Autumnal. Without the belt the dresses can fall a little bit like maternity wear, but I still love the shape as for a pear shape I find they are so comfortable to wear.  They skim the hips and flatter by big ol' butt. A simple belt gives them so much more shape though, and pretty much transforms them in to completely different dresses. This style of dress is possibly my favourite, I know that they can make you look a bit 'bigger' if the cut isn't quite right, but comfort over style is always a winner for me.

Orla Kieley x UNIQLO dress collection

Similar to these styles, you can also find a great range of ladies clothing, including dresses and tops from Enni Clothing. Confident and cool style, you can find them based in Australia here on their official website. 
You can still get these on eBay but some sellers want ridiculous prices for them, when I got them direct from the UNIQLO website they were only around £20 each! I really need to stop looking at their website as at the moment the Celia Birtwell and Sanrio collections are way too tempting.

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  1. They're all fab, I can understand why you bought three! I think I like the middle one best xx

  2. This post was very bad for me as the first thing I did after reading it was head to the Uniqlo website and fall in love with one of the Celia Birtwell dresses...

    1. Haha! I totally want all of those too, the good thing is UNIQLO is very reasonable prices!

  3. Oh my god, I like TOTALLY love this post. Wow, you are awesome, I am now your number one fan. I will come back here every day and adore you forever.

  4. I like the grey one!x


  5. Oh my god I desperately have to own them all. eBay here I come! x


Thanks for the comment!

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