Room for Improvement?

As you may have seen over on Instagram I’ve been having a bit of a DIY SOS with my new drawers which I acquired from gumtree. I generally stay clear of gumtree as I’ve heard a few horror stories about people paying for goods and it never showing up. Throwing caution to the wind though, I took the plunge when I spotted this rather splendid dark wood dresser/drawer unit on there for £40. Armed with £50 as part of the ‘room for improvement challenge’ I invested and within a few hours the bloke turned up with them at my flat and the poor guy had to carry them up the stairs for me. Whoops. Anyway, they are far too dark for my liking so with the extra moneys I hoped along to ‘Mr Big Deals’ and bought some bargain paint… for £2.99. It’s in a shade called ‘playground’ and probably old stock from somewhere, but the pale blue shade was just what I was after. 

I’ve had a bit of a nightmare trying to customise the drawers, as initially I was going to use some lovely Emma Bridgewater wrapping paper I got from WH Smith which was £3.49 a roll, but it just wasn’t working. I ripped it off and begun again with an endlessly girly pattern I picked up from Home Bargains for 79p. It’s sticky paper and applies a lot easier than the wrapping paper did! I kind of wanted this to be a temporary revamp in case I ever wanted to sell the unit again, but I think I will probably keep it forever as the amount of drawers I’ve been through from Ikea and the like is ridiculous when older furniture is way more solid. I’m going to neaten up the edges a bit too and perhaps turn the mirror into a blackboard or notice board as the glass is slightly speckled (so looks dead dirty) and not really much use. I’m wondering if bog standard matt black emulsion will do the job, or would it require special paint for this? (answers on a postcard, or in the comment box below).

The challenge really was to improve an entire room, but these drawers are so big the change of colour literally has transformed the entire space. I will probably change the paper at some point and I desperately need to do another coat of paint and sort the front of the drawers out, but the deadline for the challenge is today and time was somewhat limited!! What would you have done with these drawers and a paint brush? I’m constantly switching and changing my rooms around and forever knocking little features up on the cheap, when these are completely probably I may do a home tour or something fancy. I definitely do need to learn to measure twice and cut once though as I always dive in feet first and mess stuff up!!