Sensible Footwear For the ‘F’ Word

That time of year again where everyone posts ridiculous idea’s about what one should wear for a festival (I’m officially banning the F word from my life). I know we all like our Hunters and pretty patterned wellies, but one investment you should make if you are on your feet in a field for 5 days straight is: Walking Boots. Seriously. Whilst wellies offer a good water proof option some can be awful for your feet when worn for long periods. Also I really love the look of most walking boots and they seem perfect for destroying muddy puddles with….

1. Merrell Walking Boots

2. Hi Tec Walking Boots

3. Helly Hansen Walking Boots

The Helly Hansen Boots are by far my favourite, I’d pretty much wear them every day and coming in at only £49.99 they’re a snip!