Channelling Suzy Bishop – Moonrise Kingdom

Ever since I caught glimpse of the promo images for Moonrise Kingdom a few years ago I’ve been obsessed with the aesthetics of it all. As a massive Wes Anderson fan I had pretty high expectations for the film itself – and it didn’t disappoint. When it comes to Wes Anderson films I think it’s easy for people not to *get it* and a fine example of that is his remake of Fantastic Mr Fox, which took the classic kids story and adapted it to appeal to adults who were already fans of the director, and twisted it a bit so some parents just didn’t know what to make of it, with most not picking up on a lot of the references! But I digress, the reason for this blog post is to express my deep love for the style of Suzy Bishop of Moonrise Kingdom. Her cat in a basket. And most of all that beautiful dress complete with a collar after my own heart. 
Suzy Bishop – Moonrise Kingdom
I have searched high and low since I saw the film for a dress of similar beauty. And so far to no avail. All I ask for in life is a 3/4 length sleeve dress in either peach or yellow with a white collar and cuff… REALLY? Is it really that hard to find? Apparently so! But the closest I have found is this beautiful mustard yellow dress from Chicwish. Just admire it for a second. Yes it’s lovely. And also ticks the box for the kind of style that suits my shape. I’m also ashamed to admit that the shoes in the image are from my least favourite shop in the world EVER; Topshop. Ergh. I feel dirty including them in a blog post. But seriously, this style of ‘geek’ shoe is the dream and only god damn Topshop do them… Can someone please help me find some in a size 5 from a nicer shop without such a shitty price tag? PLEASE? Of course no Suzy Bishop outfit is complete without the addition of some binoculars…. Obviously you won’t be too comfortable fashioning a full size set around your neck, but the little mini ones on the necklace in the image below are a good compromise, and even better you can find tiny binocular necklaces on ebay for like, a quid. And if you’re jumping on the knee high sock thing like Suzy does, you’ll want to get some ‘Staysput’ in your life.
I think I’ve found my next no effort costume for any fancy dress parties anyway. And if it turns out like the 90’s party I rocked up to in Jelly Shoes and a bumbag the other week (where no one else really dressed up) then at least I could pull off looking pretty normal with this outfit…. Which surprisingly enough I didn’t when I only took a bumbag to hold my belongings to at aforementioned party.
By the way, I’ve been meaning to do posts like this for a while, but never got around to it. Pretty much summing up unlikely style icons or just people I want to be in general by finding high street/affordable equivalents to their life. They all seem to be centred around Wes Anderson films though…? Next stop Max Fischer.