Zaggora ‘Hot Pants’ Review

One of the biggest hypes to hit the fitness world for a while has got to be the Zaggora Hot Pants, they’re the most talked about bit of gym kit I’ve noticed come on to my radar, so I was super psyched to win some recently during a Twitter giveaway they had. To be honest, I kind of avoided reading about them too much, as for the price of around £50 I disregarded the idea of ever owning any, so it did come as a nice surprise when they came through the post. I found it a bit weird that I couldn’t find a negative review of them anywhere either, and I did bear some concerns of the combination of ‘hot’ ‘sweaty’ and uhm a female’s crotch… Let’s use Honey Boo Boo’s term for that; ‘biscuit’, I was concerned for my ‘biscuit’ being in such an environment. I’ve been wearing them for around 2 and a half weeks now and Zaggora boasts an impressive promise with their 2 week challenge, stating that you can drop up to 2 dress sizes by wearing them for 30minutes as day… A pretty bold statement to make. They also have a whole heap of technical words and bumph on their website that would ‘back up’ their claims so to speak. So, did they pass the test?
Now bear in mind I am not fitness or gym expert and can only speak from a naive consumer point of view, so if you want more info please visit the Zaggora Wesbite. First things first then, the smell. The first thing you notice when you open the package is the smell. It’s not unpleasant but it’s kind of a rubbery one, the material seems to me reminiscent of wet suit material. It’s very thick, with a weird skirt thing attached that I suppose covers your modesty if your ‘biscuit’ like to create the ‘camel toe’ effect. For me this skirt thing is a bit pointless, whilst I can pull it down and it covers my biscuit and bum area as soon as I move for more than 2 seconds it rides up and all the material just sits around my waist. It proves to be a little awkward when on fitness equipment and I find myself forever trying to pull it down, then give up, it simply wont stay. Bear in mind I am a pretty prominent pear shape though so the hip to waist ratio may be the reason for this. Because of the thickness of the material you do find that it offers some resistance when working out and you do find you have to work that little bit harder. My fitness ‘regime’ is relatively new and not very refined, but a rough idea of my time spent at the gym is this:
20 minutes on the cross trainer
10 minutes on the weights and shit (that I don’t know the name of)
20 minutes on the treadmill, running in intervals combined with a fast walk 
10 minutes on the weights and shit
Sometimes around 10 more minutes on the cross trainer.
Not exactly the most hardcore fitness programme, but considering I haven’t done exercise since my school days this is a pretty good start for someone who only joined the gym a month a go. I didn’t join the gym to loose weight, but I did take some measurements when I received my Zaggora’s out of curiosity to see if they did what they claimed. 
At the start of the 2 weeks my measurements were:
26 inches waist
39 inches hips
(told you I was a prominent pear!)
And what are they after the two weeks?
26 inches waist
37 inches hips
So not *quite* two dresses at all have been shed. I haven’t really noticed any difference in  how my clothes fit or feel like the ‘hot pants’ have ‘benefited’ my time spent at the gym noticeably. But considering I don’t want to lose weight anyway that’s not a massive issue for me personally, although if I had spent £50 on these for that reason I would have been quite disappointed. One thing I have noticed though is how soft and smooth they make your skin feel. It feels completely gross when you remove them post work out as your legs are absolutely SOAKING wet with sweat, but when you towel off the sweat your skin feels like it’s been moisturised no end. It was quite an unexpected result and one I do quite like. I’m not sure if the Zaggora’s actually make you sweat more or if it’s the fact that they simply resist the sweat and don’t soak it up like regular leggings you’d wear to the gym? The reason I say this is because I don’t get that sweaty crack mark when I stand up from sitting on the equipment with these on, so I guess they don’t soak up the sweat anyway. I’ve not doubt some people have had endlessly positive results from these things, but I’m wondering if it’s the Hot Pants themselves or the psychology behind it. With the 14 day ‘challenge’ it encourages you to actually wear them and actually work out for 14 days in a row – which is something I wouldn’t tend to do under normal circumstances, but when you spend £50 on something to drop 2 dress sizes then you would definitely want to redeem your money’s worth, so therefore you end up simply pushing yourself more and that’s why the inches drop. That’s just my opinion anyway. I will continue to wear them as I like the way that they feel, they’re so ‘solid’! It makes you feel instantly a bit trimmer, but once again it’s just in your head because of the really thick material! …Oh and my biscuit has had no adverse effects from them either.
So, have you tried these? Did they work? Did I do something wrong?! Who knows.