Spotty Too Hotty

It’s been a few weeks since my last post about pesky spots and blemishes, so I thought I’d revisit the subject to share a few things which have helped both in the past and right now! Oh, and to let you know how I got on with the 3 products I went craycray for in that original blog post too… I think one thing people forget about when trying to find their ‘spot cures’ is that there sometimes is no ‘cure’. If your spots are caused by something like hormones for example, you can do an abundance of things to help, but sometimes you simply cannot be completely free of them. I’m pushing my late twenties and have been getting regular breakouts since my mid teens, so it’s been years of managing them. There are certain contraceptive pills and treatments that can help, but with these I find there are usually side effects. For example, when I was on ‘Dianette’ (which I think has changed it’s name now) I used to get terrible dry patches on my face and incredibly itchy LEGS. It was also a great concern when I was in my 6th year on them and went to the doctor for more and he told me they shouldn’t of been prescribed to me for more than 6 months… Thanks doc?! I have tried antibiotic treatments and topical ones, but these only offer a temporary solution, so here’s some of the best products I’ve found for day to day management of my spots in general. 

So a recap of the products in my last post about this – pretty much a ‘hit, miss and maybe’ happened. The Bioré Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser I really really liked. I know it has ‘SLS’ in, but for me that’s not an issue. The refreshing feeling and how clean it leaves my face is nice and it’s definitely contributed to combating any gooey spots from appearing. The biggest miss from that post was the 17 On The Spot Foundation when I swatched it and tried it for the first time it was brilliant, great colour match and a nice formula, but this stuff is PATCHY and dries ever so strangley. It doesn’t last throughout the day and I stopped using it after a week because I’d rather have spots that uneven, terrible foundation. But saying that I do feel it’s more because I have a dry complexion, unlike most people who are prone to spots who have an oily skin type. It would be a lot more suited to oily skin, but if you do get any dryness I would advise that you probably avoid it. And the maybe’s were the Neutrogena Moisturiser and the Clearasil Rapid Pore Treatment, this definitely improved the grubbyness I saw in my pores and removed all the traces of crap, but if used every day it made my nose flakey and dry. So used every other day, just in the evening is the best way for me to use it with my skin type, and the moisturiser simply didn’t moisturise enough for my likings…. So there you go! On to the other products to make yo’ self Spotty Too Hotty… 

Silver Serum £12.95 This is the most intriguing of the products I guess. The way is works it a bit like Yakult, but instead of for your belly it’s for your skin. It only gets rid of the bad bacteria using some unique silver technology or something, yadda yadda… I found this very good for scaley or scabby spots. You know, the ones you’ve picked at and made worse. This helped healing time and stopped them being itchy and horrid whilst reducing redness. I found this treatment is also awesome for cuts and grazes. But bear in mind, if you use an ‘anti bacterial’ moisturiser or similar with this you’re defeating the object of the formula. 
Laidbare Spot The Difference Cream £6.99 I picked this up on a whim in TK Maxx, I’ve never heard of it before or the brand. It smells really nice and offers a nice soothing night treatment for spots, it’s actually very similar to the Balance Me Skin Saviours Serum £16.00 in scent and texture apart from Laidbare is slightly creamier, and I find both are equally as good to reduce redness and inflammation. The other benefit of both of these is that they don’t dry your skin out at all. They seem to balance it all out, and the Balance Me Serum I find is a little better as keeping spots at bay, but with my skin I think anything slightly creamier tends to develop more spots over night anyway. That’s why I find oils act as a nicer moisturiser than cream in general.

Skinetica £9.99 is being praised a lot on the blogosphere, and I think for most it does work and they do see an improvement – and to be fair I did at first. It reminds me a lot of one of the lotions I was given from the doctors once, but the thing that concerns me about it is the alcohol content and the fragrance in the ingredients. I don’t really like the idea of this. But it does work to an extent. I think it’s more for people who don’t have a good routine in place anyway and haven’t tried much else? It would be interesting to hear some more informed views of the ingredients and some professional advice regarding them, if you can shed any light on it please comment below!

And finally, the bathroom cupboard staple – Sudocrem. One of the most effective spot treatments you will find on the supermarket shelves and probably in your bathroom cupboards. Although this contradicts the creamyness rule for my skin, I find this calms, soothes and clears most surface outbreaks. It’s a little miracle. As is a very similar product called Nixoderm. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has tried Nixoderm and DOESN’T swear by it.

So yes, bear in mind you skin type, what’s causing your spots and what works for you. These are what work for me in general, with my dry non oily yet spot prone complexion. But after the numerous products I have tried over the years these are my personal favourites.