DIY: Super Simple Pastel Bunting Necklace

Bunting, bunting, bunting, everyone loves a good bit of bunting. I know I do anyway. Today I bring you the most simple way to get some pretty pastel bunting in your life, more specifically around your neck (not in a Michael Hutchence way, of course). I've been after a pretty bunting necklace for ages and ages, and I bought a few off ebay which just didn't do the bunting dream justice. Alas, when I was in Superdrug the other day, this silver repetitive triangle shape necklace caught my eye. I initially thought 'guhhhhh why are you boring silverrrrr' but then remembered that little degree I have in Crafts and that I have an abundance of pretty coloured nail varnishes sitting at home.

The necklace itself only cost £3.50 which is alright. I'd never even realised Superdrug did jewellery before, so it was an extra treat to find alongside my really exciting shopping list of toothpaste and deodorant. I remembered I had this set of nail varnishes from Claires Accessories which I bought a few months ago and they were just the colours I wanted! Bonus Tip: If you have an outlet village close to you (my local one is Freeport, Talke) they usually have a Claires which sells discounted end of line products, but I got this particular set from Cheshire Oaks.

Simply pop one or two coats on to the necklace and let it dry, it really couldn't be simpler. So much so I'm not quite sure what else to say about it all, haha. It doesn't take long for the nail varnish to dry, and I guess the beauty of this is that just like your actual nails you can switch and swatch the polish to suit your mood or outfit if you have some nail varnish remover and a new set of shades spare! 

If you think about it in a technical way nail varnish is classed as 'enamel' and enamelling metal is quite a complicated process if you do it properly (although an activity I very much enjoy!!) but I must admit when I was at uni I did cheat a bit on one project and use spray paints and nail varnishes to 'enamel' some brooches I made. Have you transformed anything with nail varnish and a creative mind? I have a set of vintage keys I painted too which I made in to necklaces. Maybe I should blog about them some time too? 

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  1. this is seriously such an awesome idea :) x

  2. Would love to hear about vintage keys! I used to paint and decorate hair clips/Kirkby grips with nail polish!

    This looks great and I like how you could wear the matching nail polish at the same time! Did you paint both sides? Xx

  3. Such a great idea, it looks really good! :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  4. I have painted a a 1 pence coin in sparkly mauve then attached it to an old ring back :)doing a necklace is a cute idea! Please visit...

  5. Love this idea! I used to paint pebbles with pearlescent nail varnish to decorate my bathroom and turn into doorstops!

  6. That looks lovely. Will have to try this on my own necklaces. I'd really like to see how you made the vintage keys into a necklace - it sounds like a really interesting idea!

  7. Lovely idea.

  8. Such a cute idea! Get it exactly the way you want it and no-one will have anything like it!
    Might go out and pick up a cheap-y plaing necklace and do some DIY :D

    Lisa x

  9. Such a cute idea! No-one will have anything like it and you can make it look however you want!
    I may go out and pick up a necklace and try it myself :D

    Lisa x

  10. That's so cool, would love to try that myself :D x


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