Miss Luxe Styling Challenge

Well, I think this is a first for me here on the blog. I’m not usually one for taking part in blogger competitions, but this one sounded pretty good to me, as it featured my holy grail of dress shapes for my pear shaped body – a skater dress. Budget friendly fashion retailer Miss Luxe have sent a selection of bloggers this lovely simple skater style summer dress to style in 3 different ways – Summer Nights, BFF’s Barbecue and Beach Break. I always mix and match my outfits and generally only buy clothes which I can wear for every occasion possible, and this cute white lace dress is so simple yet flattering it’s pretty easy to wear it in a number of ways….

The dress on it’s own is a delicate looking white lace number with a hint of silver running through, it feels super luxurious and brucey bonus for me – the lining doesn’t ride up inside when I’m walking around in it! Is it just me who finds this a problem in the summer? It’s not too bad in the winter when you’re wearing tights, but since the sun has been shining and I’ve had my bare legs out I’ve noticed so many sheer dresses have pesky lining which rides up and shows my pants anyway! I digress… The dress on it’s own is very very nice and as you can see, even worn with a simple belt makes it look even more fancy pants on a daily basis. 
Miss Luxe Lace Skater Dress
With the aid of a few accessories it’s very easy to make this dress suitable for most occasions, although I’d probably avoid wearing a plain white dress for a night out as there’s nothing more annoying than bumping in to someone with a jagerbomb to ruin your fancy togs! For the Beach Break look I’ve chosen just simply sandals from Primark, a tapestry bag from Florence and Fred (at Tesco) and a floral hair from Primark. All these I’ve had in my wardrobe for years and are just things I find have maintained their ‘trendyness’ throughout the years.
Beach Break

Secondly, we see another variant on the tapestry bag for the BFF’s Barbecue look…. Can you tell I like tapestry things? Teamed with my Nike x Liberty sneakers it’s once again a pretty simple way to make one dress look a little bit different. The reason there’s a bigger bag for a BBQ is of course, so you can steal a few burgers for your dinner break the next day. See, thrifty and stylish, what more could you want?

BFF’s Barbecue 

And finally we have the Summer Nights look where we get all monochrome on your ass and add my favourite faux lather gilet from New Look. The jersey waterfall front makes sure you stay cosey enough whilst the arms still keep you cool for those humid summer nights. Not forgetting the classic Converse to keep your toes warm too. (The cat hair is optionally on the front of the gilet by the way, what can I say? I just look that fuzzy touch)

Summer Nights

The prize for the competition is £100 to spend on the Miss Luxe website, which I’d actually quite like to get my mitts on! They will be putting it to the vote over on Facebook so keep and eye out and vote for your favourite blogger/look.

Which look is your favourite from my styling attempts?