Polyvore Creation: Pastel Frogs

I'm a little bit addicted to Polyvore, I'm not going to lie. I have had my account on there for a few years now, but I always avoid it because I can spend hours and hours messing around creating boards on there! Don't worry, I won't be publishing every creation on my blog. But if you want to see some more (or even join the site) head here. It's a really quick and simple way to make mood boards and put together pretty little designs, but be careful as a lot of the stuff that comes up is on American sites (booo!) so I always find myself falling in love with the prettiness only to never own it (like that crochet jumper on the top right there). If you link it to publish on your blog it's quite clever and does the leg work for you by filling in your tags on the right there and also listing the websites and prices below. Clever, huh? Enjoy!

Pastel Frogs

Crochet lace top

JuJu block heel sandals
$37 - asos.com

Cross body
$19 - newlook.com

Maxi low juju jelly pale pink
$30 - office.co.uk

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  1. i used to be so addicted to polyvore but i haven't been on in years! i might have to take a visit for old times sake :P i love the crochet top btw x

  2. OOHHHH the pastel crochet jumper!! Perfecto.

  3. I actually have an account there too and I have no idea what boards I made ages ago, must go take a look!

  4. I've never tried polyvore before, but i think i may have to. Loving this pastel moodboard though! xx

  5. O I do love jellies! I had them as a kid but feel a definite need to get some more now! x

  6. Ooh good tip, love how it links for you! The bag is my favourite piece! Xxx



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