Beauty Buys at Poundland

So Poundland have been on the ball over the last few months with stocking up on branded beauty lines. But it seems people have been divided on Poundland beauty buys since the Stila ‘scandal’ which was featured on a documentary a few months ago. I understand how some may be concerned as it mentioned on the programme that Stila hadn’t sold the lines for 7 years, but are 7 year old cosmetics really that bad? I personally think there are many factors which contribute to the ‘safety’ of beauty products and it’s your own discretion as to whether or not you ‘should’ buy bargain beauty from discounted lines and old stock really. In my opinion beauty products in general contain so many toxins, preservatives and chemicals that unopened they could literally last forever, and I did read on this blog post that items such as nail varnish can last forever if stored properly and if the liquids have no separated or look dodgy. If it came to organic products or ones that used fresh ingredients with minimal preservatives obviously that’s an entirely different kettle of fish. There’s also the little symbols on the packaging which can give you clues about how long a product will last once opened, as explained on The Little Blog of Beauty.  It’s also worth bearing in mind the air tightness and quality of the packaging as if something is open to moisture, warmth and time then yeah bad things could grow, but if not then I would personally go off the other indicators of whether I think it’s safe or not.  Poundland does sometimes have nail varnishes in that do look weird, so I wouldn’t personally buy them, but the Sally Hansen ones I have bought previously and recently have been absolutely fine in formula and the same smell and liquidness as the ones I have looked at in Superdrug. After a bit of googling I found that these shades were in a US colour collection from 2012 and are most probably imported from America, I know products outside of the EU tend to have different regulations with manufacturing process, but I’m almost certain all Sally Hansen nail varnishes are made in the US anyway – but don’t quote me on that one! Anyway, not only did I pick up 3 nail varnishes, but I also found the Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch, which once again, after a quick google I can only find articles about it from last year. And a Milani Mascara which I am assuming is an import as it is another American brand which I don’t think it stocked in the UK.
The colours of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes that I picked up are ‘Greige Gardens’ ‘So Much Fawn’ and ‘Sheer Me Now’ – all lovely colours which I don’t currently own shades similar too. I absolutely love Greige Gardens as it’s the most lovely purple toned grey colour. All the Sally Hansen nail varnishes I’ve tried (from Poundland and Superdrug) are very sheer though and I often find that it takes at least 3 coats to get a good opaque coverage. They do tend to be very long lasting and remain chip free for a while though, which makes that extra effort worth it! So Much Fawn is a lovely coral-brown shade which is the closest to an orange nail varnish I will ever wear and Sheer Me Now is a white shade with a pale nudey-pink tone to it, which would be perfect for a french manicure.

The Rimmel Wake Me Up line is a range that I have actually avoided purposely, I really don’t like Rimmel Foundations in general and despite their Wake Me Up foundation receiving much praise I’m not interested in trying it – I always find their foundations boarder on the orange side and the formulas just aren’t for me. But for a quid I thought the Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch was worth a whirl. It’s an ok product but not what I expected. I wanted it to be more of a blush but it’s definitely much more of a product to mix in to your foundation to create a nice dewy glow. It’s ok, but not something I would be willing to pay the full RRP for and this is why I love Poundland, because if you do find something like this it saves you a bit of money in the long run! The Milani Curling Mascara I bought because I tried another mascara from their range a while ago and I quite like it! It was the ‘Lotta Lash’ one though, which I can’t find again. It’s a nice mascara and definitely worth a pound and it good for every day wear…. And so far my eyes haven’t dropped out. I know mascara is a thing I would be rather cautious towards when buying on a budget. Being a contact lens wearer I find my eyes are a bit more sensitive when it comes to mascara and to be honest there’s been no reaction to concern me so far. The only mascara’s I have found to be a problem are waterproof ones and Benefit’s They’re Real as they really dry my eyes out a lot. I wouldn’t keep these from Poundland for months and months like I would with others though, they’re very much a disposable product to me for temporary use.

So there we have it, my latest Poundland buys, and my opinion on buying from Poundland. If you’d like more information about budget beauty buys then the sassy Hayley (London Beauty Queen) is currently researching these products and more from discount beauty websites to see what the crack is with shelf life and safety etc and I’m very interested to read it, so keep an eye out on her blog too.
What’s your opinion on Poundland beauty? I think some people may just associate Poundland make up with the fact it’s a pound, but markets, discount beauty stores both online and offline and other places do sell old stock and discontinued lines. And if these make up lines are imported from abroad, especially America, why is that an issue when everyone creams their crackers over Lucky Charms and the like? I’d like to know what people think and if you have any links or evidence about their safety and health hazards please do share!! And as I’ve said this is all my own personal opinion from a uninformed and non scientific point of view, I don’t know about the ins and outs of these things and also don’t have the immediate time to learn.