Channelling Max Fischer – Rushmore

I do have a slight obsession with Wes Anderson films, particularly the outfits, colours and general mise en scène. Max Fischer is not only played by Jason Schwartzman, the object of my affection with that huge lovely nose of his, but he also has that geek chic look down to a T. I suppose he’s not as likely as a style icon as my beloved Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom, but with the right accessories I would certainly feel like I could save Latin too…. I know he wears a red beret in the film but I don’t think beret’s are going to be back on trend until next summer, and it will happen, you mark my words, you all scoffed when I went mad about Jelly shoes and look at them now! So for now what better way to compromise than a cat eared bowler? Tweed, clean cut, geeky is my favourite style, and although I despise wearing my glasses a pair of thick rimmed ray bans could certainly replace my current cat eye frames which I rarely wear because my prescription is so strong it literally looks like someone has zoomed in on my eyes and out on my cheeks!


Crop top

Tweed blazer
$46 –

Crown hat